10 Best End Tables & Side Tables of 2023

Our top pick is the Franklin 2-Drawer End Table.

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End tables are a must-have for any home. They provide a place to put your drink, your remote, or your favorite book. But finding the perfect end table can be a challenge.

There are so many options out there, it can be hard to know where to start. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up the 10 best end tables on the market, so you can find the perfect one for your home. Check out our list below.

Make: Wood mix • Size: ~28 x 22 x 16″ • Weight: 33.3 lbs • Colors: 16

Looking for a unique and stylish end table? Look no further than the Franklin. This beautiful piece of furniture is available in 16 different color options, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home decor. With its two drawers and a single shelf, the end table is perfect for storage. And its sleek design is sure to add simplicity to your den or bedroom. The table comes with easy-to-use roller glides that make it a breeze to open and close the drawers. This is by far the most popular side table on our list.

Lots of storage
16 color choices
One year warranty
Be Mindful
15.4 lb shelf weight cap
8.8 lb drawer weight cap
What Reviewers Said

People complimented the storage space in this end table as a great feature. Users said the table was sturdy and assembly was very easy, due to the simple instructions. The parts fit together very well, adding to its sturdiness. Customers were also happy with the color choices.

15 other color options
Make: Alloy steel, glass • Size: 20 x 20 x 22″ • Weight: 10.1 lbs • Colors: 2

This 22” glass end table features a sleek, modern design and is sure to add elegance to any room. With its sturdy construction and tempered glass top, this table has a 88 pound weight cap and is built to last. The stainless steel base and five year warranty ensure that the table will be a staple in your home for years to come. With two colors to choose from (gold or black), this side table is the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom. So if you’re looking for a high-quality, stylish end table that will add a touch of class to your home, look no further than this gorgeous glass piece.

Lightweight and portable
2 color choices
5 year warranty
Be Mindful
88 lb weight cap
What Reviewers Said

Most often mentioned is the beautiful look of this end table. A lot of people say it is a great buy for the price, considering the quality. Nearly all users said it was very easy to set up. It’s easily moveable and fits in well in the rooms that people have placed it in.

Also comes in black
Make: MDF • Size: 22 x 18 x 18″ • Weight: 26 lbs • Colors: 3

The Gwen 22” End Table is a versatile storage solution for any room in your home. The end table features six finishes to choose from and a shelf that is perfect for storing books, magazines, or any other small items you need to keep close at hand. Whether you use it as a nightstand in your bedroom or as an accent table in your living room, the Gwen is sure to make a statement. It would look especially good in an industrial or country style room. With a near perfect rating and over 6,000 reviews, this is our pick for best farmhouse end table. It comes in the gray wash in the picture as well as stone gray, rustic oak, dark walnut, white oak and sable.

X design and easy setup
6 color choices
75 lb top shelf weight cap
Be Mindful
90 day warranty

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What Reviewers Said

Customers loved the quality for the price as the end table was described as beautiful and sturdy. A lot of reviewers liked how well it went with other Wayfair pieces. A few people wished it were bigger, but others say it’s the perfect for the space. But of course, the size is listed on the site and above.

5 other color options
Make: Wood mix • Size: 24 x 18 x 18″ • Weight: 14 lbs • Colors: 16

We think simplicity is beautiful. The Carminella 24” Tall End Table is a classic piece that will never go out of style. Featuring a simple design and your choice of 16 rich wood finishes, this end table is the perfect way to add simplicity to any room. It features one shelf that is perfect for storing remotes, magazines, or any other household items. And the top has enough surface area for a lamp and your favorite drink. With its clean lines and classic style, the Carminella 24” Tall End Table is a timeless piece that will be cherished for years to come.

Simple look
16 color choices
6 month warranty
Be Mindful
50 lb weight cap
What Reviewers Said

People commend the high-quality finish of this end table, especially for, as one user puts it, a budget friendly piece. Testers said it was easy to setup and well-built. Users were happy with its size and design, and say it easily matches with other pieces in their home.

15 other finishes
Make: Wood mix • Size: 26 x 15 x 12″ • Weight: 18.7 lbs • Colors: 5

This table is the perfect way to add storage and style to your home. The end table is made of solid wood and features two shelves for storing your belongings. Two beautiful baskets keep all of your books and remotes safe and sound and the top of the table is perfect for displaying pictures, plants, or decorations. This end table is perfect for small spaces and is a great way to keep your living room organized and tidy. The Safavieh is sure to add a touch of style to a coastal, classic or farmhouse style room. It comes in five colors to match any room in your house.

2 baskets
5 color choices
45 lb weight cap
Be Mindful
No warranty
What Reviewers Said

Users enjoy the pretty look of this end table, especially due to the antique colors. It is a solid high quality piece with a sturdy build and good materials. Some said the baskets could be better, but most didn’t pull them out that often to care much. Most said it was a great value for the money, and no trouble to put together.

4 more color options
Make: Teak wood • Size: 20 x 20 x 14″ • Weight: 25 lbs • Colors: 2

For centuries, wood has been used as a material for furniture. Its durability, natural beauty, and versatility make it a popular choice for both home and office settings. And while many furniture brands mass-produce their products, this piece from Selah takes a different approach. It’s crafted from solid teak wood, ensuring that each piece is unique and durable. (Teak is often used to make boats because of its ability to withstand even the harshest conditions.) The brand’s name comes from a Hebrew word sometimes translated as “forever,” reflecting the quality. This piece is designed to last a lifetime, and makes a beautiful and sustainable choice for your home. 5,000+ people agree.

Unique look
3 color choices
One year warranty
Be Mindful
40 lb weight cap

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What Reviewers Said

People adore the unique look of this end table. Users said it was high quality and made of a sturdy material. A lot of reviewers also appreciate how there is no setup needed for this product. Many users state it is the perfect size and gets lots of compliments.

Make: MDF, steel • Size: 22 x 18 x 18″ • Weight: 13 lbs • Colors: 5

The Paramus cross leg end table is made with a powder coated steel base, so you can be sure it will stand the test of time. With its simple yet elegant design, this side table will complement any décor. The top provides ample storage space for books, coasters, or any other items you want to keep close by. Assembly is quick and easy, so you can enjoy your new end table as soon as it arrives. Whether you use it as a place to set your coffee cup or as a display table for your favorite photos, this side table is sure to become a treasured part of your home.

Sturdy design
5 color choices
Be Mindful
25 lb weight cap
90 day warranty
What Reviewers Said

Reviewers describe this side table as attractive, easy to set up, and good quality. One user comments on how well it is packaged and said it arrived in perfect condition. Most loved how sturdy it was owing to the design, saying it was functional and classy.

4 other finishes
Make: Metal • Size: 26 x 14 x 14″ • Weight: 5.3 lbs • Colors: 30

The Celia is a budget-friendly option for those who are looking for a new end table. It’s made from iron and has a tray top that is great for holding drinks or snacks. This product was designed with the user in mind. The end table is both stylish and functional, with an iron base for durability and a cross-legged design for stability. There’s also no assembly required so you can have it up in no time. For the price, you really can’t go wrong with this table. It’s our pick for most affordable. The side table comes in three base and 10 tray top colors for 30 total options.

Great price
30 color choices
Tray top
Be Mindful
15 lb weight cap
No warranty
What Reviewers Said
Make: Engin. wood, steel • Size: ~16 x 16 x 22″ • Weight: 8.4 lbs • Colors: 3

End tables are an essential part of any well-decorated home. They provide a place to rest a glass of water, a lamp, or a book. They can also be a great way to display photo frames, art, or other knick-knacks. But most importantly, they serve as a way to brighten up a room and add a touch of personality. With two adjustable mesh shelves, this end table is perfect for storing books, magazines, and other items. Additionally, the stable metal frame and easy assembly make it a great choice for any home.

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44 lb surface weight cap
Adjustable shelves
Be Mindful
11 lb shelf weight cap
What Reviewers Said

Reviewers loved the light weight of this end table but also praised the sturdiness. A lot of users compliment the design and the fact that the adjustable shelves mean it can be used for storage as well. The majority of users also mention how easy it was to set up, taking no time at all.

Also in greige and black
Make: Wood mix • Size: ~27 x 26 x 26″ • Weight: 31 lbs • Colors: 9

We think that furniture should be more than just functional. It should tell a story. It should be an heirloom. The Lana Pedestal End Table is a beautiful, antique-inspired end table that comes in nine different colors. The table is perfect for any room in your home, and its tall pedestal design makes it a unique and eye-catching piece of furniture. The clean lines and simple design make It’s perfect for use as an end table, side table, or accent table. We think it’s the best pedestal end table on the market.

50 lb weight cap
9 color choices
5 year warranty
Be Mindful
Heavier than others
What Reviewers Said

A lot of reviewers mention how well made this end table is. People praise its look, due to the wood build and beautiful colors. Building this table is very simple, and easily done by yourself. Overall users thought it was a well-crafted product, a good addition to the room.

8 more color options

Side / End Table Buying GuideHow to Choose the Perfect One

End tables may seem like an afterthought when it is time to go shopping for furniture for your living room or office, but you will be surprised at the difference an end table or two might make in your room.

They are not only functional but can add a certain amount of style and flair that was not there before. Read on to discover all of the decisions that go into choosing your perfect end table.

Types of End & Side Tables

One of the most important decisions that you will have to make about your end tables is what type you are looking for.

Each type can affect the function that the table provides, as well as the overall look of your room. Some end tables work better for entertaining, whereas others are built for storage.

It is up to you to decide what you need the most out of your end table, whether that is style, function, or some of both.


Standard end tables are the most popular type, as well as being one of the more basic when it comes to design. These are also known as table style end tables and will give you a place to set things on top of without needing any extra storage places.

Standard end tables are usually rectangular or square and are the easiest to match with other furniture.


Round end tables are another simple option, and they add a bit more flair. These are a great option for living rooms that see more foot traffic. Round end tables are also a safer choice for those with kids, since there are no sharp corners to bump into.


C-shaped end tables are cute and functional additions to any family room. These come with a square or circle base, a matching tabletop and two legs on the same side. This gives a C-shaped end table its name.

The base can be tucked under your couch while the table hangs over the edge of your arm rest. These are lightweight and often used as dinner tables or TV trays.

Half Circle

Half circle side tables look just like their name suggests. The top and the base are half circles and they often come with either three or four legs..

These are perfect to slide up against the wall since one side is flat. Half circle end tables are also great for small spaces like entry and hallways.


Mirrored end tables are those that are covered with reflective glass and offer a certain level of style to any room. These look best in a more formal room.


Nesting end tables are a great choice if you are looking at getting several different-sized tables. Just like nesting dolls, nesting end tables are built so that you can easily fit smaller end tables under larger ones.

These often come in sets of three or four, and are usually rectangular, though circular ones look cute when they are grouped together.

Nested end tables are wonderful for smaller spaces or for entertaining, since you can simply pull an end table out from the bottom and pass it around to your guests.


Chairside end tables are made for functionality. They often have special features built in to maximize the relaxation you experience while reclining in your favorite chair. Some of these features include a magazine rack, a remote control holder, and room enough on the tabletop to hold a lamp. These are excellent accents to large chairs.


Caster end tables come equipped with wheels, also known as casters. This makes it easy to move your end table from one area of the room to another.


Trunk end tables, also known as storage end tables are also built for function. These come with plenty of storage area, usually accessed by lifting up on the tabletop to reveal storage space underneath. This is a great place to store blankets and toys and whatever else you need to store in your living area.

Remember that you will have to remove anything that is on the tabletop in order to get to the storage area, which can become a bit of a bother for some people.

Tray Top

Tray top side tables are those that come with a short barrier or ridge around the edge of the table, making it a safer area to place drinks and food. If your drink or food spills, the mess will most likely remain on the table, instead of spilling over onto your carpet.

Some tray tops may be removed and used separately. Tray top end tables are considered a more elegant solution to the TV tray.


Column end tables are exactly what they sound like: large, ornate columns that can be used like a table. These are lovely choices if you have more of a formal setup in your room. Column end tables are usually marble or another stone, with carvings on the legs.


Drop-leaf end tables come with sections that can be folded up to increase the surface area of the tabletop. This is the perfect choice if you plan on using the end table to eat on.


Tiered end tables usually come with two or three layered surface areas, resulting in more storage space. This means they are great choices for small spaces and for those who have a lot of items that need to be stored.

End Table Styles

Another decision you will have to make about your end tables is what style to purchase. It can be tempting to buy the first end table that you come across, but it can be a shock to get it home and realize that it sticks out like a sore thumb in your living room.

Deciding on an end table with a matching or complementary style to the rest of your room can help you avoid that.


Modern end tables, also known as contemporary style, are very popular. They are a good choice if you love trendy furniture. These usually come in more natural colors, so avoid these if you’re going for something that stands out.


Farmhouse style end tables usually come with a rustic or aged wooden look. They will usually give off a very comforting, country feel. You will definitely feel at home with a farmhouse end table.


Transitional end tables are probably the type that comes to mind when you think of an end table. These are right in the middle – not too formal, not too simple.

They’re normally made with darker wood stains and are easily matched with almost any other type of furniture. Transitional end tables are a smart choice if you don’t have much time to choose.


Mid-century modern (retro) style end tables are usually defined by their wood grain and retro look. These end tables look best as focal points because of the latter.


Traditional end tables are those that often come in darker shades of wood and have more elaborate detail along the legs and tabletop. These details may be wood carvings or claw-type legs on the bottom.

These end tables will look most at home in a more elegant setting, such as a sitting room, office or library.


Abstract end tables vary widely in their appearance since this style is a sort of catch-all for any end tables that do not fit in with the other styles. Abstract styles are as diverse as the people who shop for them.

People who decorate in this style usually have a mixture of all the other styles in one room, held together by one theme, such as a wood finish or color scheme.

If you decide to mix and match furniture styles, make sure that there is at least one feature that is shared by all of the pieces.


As with any type of furniture, spacing is an important factor. The last thing you want to do is choose an end table and bring it home filled with joy, only to realize that it will not fit in the space you have cleared for it. Or, that you cannot move comfortably around your room anymore.

When deciding how many end tables to buy, it is a good idea to start by measuring the space beside your chair or couch.

Remember that end tables are generally used to set things on while watching TV, talking or playing games. Therefore, it is important that your end table be within reach of your seat.

Also measure the arm height of the chair or sofa that the end table will be sitting next to. This will give you an idea about how large the end table should be, give or take a few inches. Your end table should not look tiny next to your seat, nor should it look too big.

Most people want at least one end table for every piece of furniture, though some prefer to have an end table for every seat. This means that if you have loveseats or sofas, you may want even more end tables.


The material that you choose for your end table will affect the look of your room and its life span. You’ll want to make sure that the material matches well with the rest of your furniture.

You will also want to ensure that the material is sturdy and will be able to hold up to any wear and tear that it might go through.


The most popular choice for end tables is wood because it has a classic feel and is very easy to match with other furniture.

Wooden end tables are also very easy to clean. Just make sure to get some coasters to avoid drink rings. You may even want to consider treating your wood end table with some type of protective product.

If you want the sturdiness of a wooden end table, but you are not a fan of the wood look, you can always paint your end table, or have it painted for you.


Metal is another great choice for an end table and gives your room a sleek and industrial look.

You will find it easy to match other metals that you may have around your room, like fireplaces, lamps, picture frames and mirrors. Some common metals used to make end tables are aluminum, iron or steel.


Wicker end tables are on the opposite end of the style spectrum from metal. Wicker is sometimes called rattan, and can add a very homey feel to any room.

These are best paired with a bright and colorful color scheme and go well with a coastal themed room. These will definitely need to be used with trays on the top since wicker is uneven and prone to spills.

Marble, Slate & Granite

Marble, slate or granite end tables will give your room a very formal feel. These provide a sturdy place to eat or set a drink down and are easy to clean and maintain. Marble is also very durable and can last for many years.


Glass top end tables are a great choice for any room outside of the den or kids’ spaces. They are easily matched with most furniture, and can make your living area appear larger than it is.

Glass tables come with either standard or tempered glass. Tempered glass has been treated with either heat or chemicals to ensure that it is stronger and does not break as easily.

If your living room is on the smaller side and you would like to try and make it appear larger, this is a good style to consider. End tables with glass or light colors give the impression that your living space is larger than it is.

Another option is to find a side table with an open design. This will help your table appear less bulky, which is always a good thing when you are trying to make a room feel more spacious.


Another aspect to think about is the style of the legs on your end tables. This may seem like a minor decision to some people, but leg style can add a certain something to your end table and really make it glow in the crowd of your living room furniture.

First, you have the choice of three or four legs. Naturally, end tables with four legs will be sturdier, so you might want to get one with four legs if there are kids or pets that may bump into it.

Pedestal style end tables are very classy in appearance. Instead of legs, these tables are equipped with just one “leg.” There is usually a circular base at the bottom, which will help with stability and a circular table top that is great for holding vases or any other decoration.

Cross-leg end tables look like small TV trays, and they are not as sturdy as end tables with four legs. The legs of these tables usually make an X shape on both sides.


As with many other types of furniture, there are extra features that are available for end tables, if you are willing to pay a little extra. Two of these features are shelves and drawers.

Drawers & Shelves

Both of these can come in handy as extra storage space, and the drawers are very useful places to store smaller items like remotes, books, glasses and maybe even your favorite late-night snack.

Height Adjust

Some end tables come with options to adjust the height and to expand the tabletop area. This can be useful if your end table will not be a stationary one and will face all different sorts of uses throughout its life.


One of my favorite extra features is built in lamps. These end tables come with a lamp already built into it. All you have to do is plug it in and forget about it.

This will save you from having to buy a new lamp to match; the job is already done for you.

The cost of an end table can vary depending on the size, material, and style of the table. A basic end table may cost around $75, while a more elaborate end table can cost up to $400.

There are many decisions that go into choosing the best end table, much more than a person would initially suspect. However, if you follow these steps and make all of these choices before browsing, finding the right one will be a lot easier.

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