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When it comes to nightstands, there are many benefits. For one, they can help you keep your bedroom organized and tidy. Nightstands can also provide you with extra storage space.

If you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a guide and a list of the 10 best nightstands on the market. Check out our picks below.

Make: Wood mix • Size: ~28 x 22 x 16″ • Weight: 33.3 lbs • Colors: 8

This was the best selling nightstand we found by a mile. It’s a traditional table, but also functional and practical. With two drawers and one shelf, this nightstand is perfect for storing any belongings you need to keep close at hand. It’s also great for higher mattresses at 28 inches tall. The table is made from a mix of wood and is available in 16 colors. Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty. This was also our top pick for end table. If you’re unsure, this is the one to get.

59 lb top weight cap
8 color choices
One year warranty
Be Mindful
15 lb shelf weight cap
What Reviewers Said

A lot of reviewers say this nightstand has a great look. Quite a few mentioned the excellent storage space, making it very functional, and how well made the product is. Setup was easy for most, with only a couple of complaints about how long it took.

Comes in 7 other colors
Make: Wood mix • Size: 25 x 19 x 15″ • Weight: 28 lbs • Colors: 11

This stylish and classic nightstand is perfect for any bedroom, and its three drawers provide lots of storage space for all of your bedside essentials. Plus, its simple design and 11 color options makes it easy to coordinate with any existing furniture. The nickel handles are a beautiful touch as well. What’s even better is there’s no assembly required. Whether you’re looking for a new nightstand for your bedroom or shopping for a gift, this table is not going to go out of style. We think it’s the best classic nightstand on the market.

Dovetail joints
11 color choices
Be Mindful
No weight cap listed
60 day warranty
What Reviewers Said

Customers chose this nightstand for the look, function and great price. Customers also loved the simple setup, which consists of just attaching the knobs. The nightstand provides a lot of storage space while still looking very good.

10 other colors
Make: Wood mix • Size: 26 x 18 x 15″ • Weight: 38 lbs • Colors: 5

If you love retro style, this nightstand is for you. The table is made with high-quality materials and features ball bearing glides for smooth operation. Its drawers are also lined with felt to protect your devices and other delicate items. The handles are a brushed iron and the piece comes in any one of five finishes: white, gray, acorn, black or walnut. Like many of the other nightstands on our list, this one comes with dovetail joints for strength and is ready to use right away – no assembly needed.

100 lb top weight cap
5 color choices
One year warranty
Be Mindful
20 lb drawer weight cap

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What Reviewers Said

Most described this nightstand as a good quality, well-made product. Visually, customers were pleased about the simplistic design. Users and testers also liked how it came pre-assembled and described it as good value for money. Some reviews mention that the nightstand arrived with slight scuffs. Overall, fits in nicely in the home.

4 more color options
Make: Wood mix • Size: 14 x 24 x 28″ • Weight: 30 lbs • Colors: 6

The Westerleigh Nightstand’s gold handles and clean lines are perfect for any modern decor, and the two drawers provide plenty of storage for all of your nighttime needs. The drawer is also roller glided and fully lined to protect it and your belongings, and the top is perfect for your phone, clock or a lamp.

The nightstand can be ordered in a variety of finishes to suit your style and comes with a one-year warranty. This is our pick for best modern nightstand.

Roller glide drawers
6 color choices
One year warranty
Be Mindful
No weight cap listed
Less sturdy than others
What Reviewers Said

The top comments were about how easy this nightstand is to build, with more reviewers completing it quickly without help. Users love its modern look, with multiple users praising the gold details. A lot of people liked how well the nightstand goes with their other pieces of furniture.


Winchester 3-Drawer Nightstand

Best Contemporary
Make: Wood mix • Size: 28 x 28 x 17″ • Weight: 62 lbs • Colors: 1

This nightstand is a great way to add a touch of style to a high bed or sofa. At 28”, the nightstand is made from solid wood and is finished in white. The table is also equipped with three drawers that are perfect for holding your favorite books, pictures, glasses or other small items.

The piece is constructed from solid pine wood for lasting durability and features dovetail joints, the strongest method of joining wood together. The best part: it comes in one piece so it’s ready to use right out of the box.

100 lb top weight cap
Dovetail joints
One year warranty
Be Mindful
25 lb drawer weight cap
One color choice
What Reviewers Said

Most thought that this nightstand was great for the price. The quality is described as high-end and it is said to be a sturdy piece. A handful of reviews said the paint job gives the product a pretty and classy finish. People really liked that there they didn’t need to build the piece.

Make: Metal, faux marble • Size: 16 x 16 x 24″ • Weight: 10.7 lbs • Colors: 6

The tall, cross-legged design on this table are sure to make a statement. The top is perfect for placing snacks or drinks on, while the cross legs provide added stability. As with any nightstand, this one can be used as a side table or accent table as well. With its four color combos – two base and two top finishes – this piece is sure to become a favorite in your home.

Lightweight and portable
6 color choices
Also a 36″ model
Be Mindful
55 lb weight cap
90 day warranty

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What Reviewers Said

Reviews describe this nightstand’s look as unique and, bringing a classy feel into the home. Customers commented on how sturdy and stable the table is, due to the design of the legs. Users mention how it took about an hour to set it up out of the box.

Comes in 5 more colors
Make: Solid wood • Size: 20 x 24 x 24″ • Weight: 31 lbs • Colors: 2

With its round features and understated elegance, this nightstand is a piece that can fit into just about any space. The table is also incredibly functional. The drawer provides ample storage, while the lower shelf is perfect for displaying books or knick knacks.

It’s made from solid wood with a capacity of 200 pounds and can be finished in one of eight colors. If you’re looking for a timeless piece that will make your life easier, the Canterbury is a smart choice.

Made from solid wood
2 color choices
200 lb weight cap
Be Mindful
30 day warranty
What Reviewers Said

Customers praise the classy look of this nightstand, and one person expressed their appreciation for its shape. People said the piece was sturdy and a great size. Lots of reviewers liked the color they chose from the range of colors offered. Nearly everyone said it was easy to assemble.

Make: Metal, engin. wood • Size: 12 x 24 x 24″ • Weight: 22.4 lbs • Colors: 3

The Rolanstar is for tech lovers. This nightstand keeps your electronics on and your living space organized. The sleek design features a flip top for easy access to the charging station, as well as two storage shelves for tucking away magazines, remotes, and other items. The USB ports make it easy to keep your devices charged, while the narrow design makes it a great space-saving solution for small living spaces.

It comes in dark gray, rustic brown or black so you can easily match it to any bedroom. The nightstand can even be used as a side table for gamers as it comes with a 6.5 foot long cord. What we found really intriguing outside of its tech features was the price. See for yourself.

Flip top with storage
3 color choices
USB ports and outlets
Be Mindful
40 lb top weight cap
No warranty listed
What Reviewers Said

Nearly all loved the features on this nightstand. Opinions differ on whether this nightstand was easy or trickier to set up. However, most agreed that the nightstand is very sturdy and of great quality wood. People appreciate the rustic look of the product and say it fits in well in their rooms.

Rolanstar Nightstand with Charging Station Best FOR TECH LOVERS / BUDGET
Also in black and gray
Make: Wood mix • Size: 22 x 18 x 15″ • Weight: 25 lbs • Colors: 9

Here’s the simplest nightstand in our top 10. This table is made from MDF and solid acacia wood, with two drawers and a brushed handle finish. The nightstand is available in nine colors, which will make it easy to match any room in the house.

The table stands 22” tall – the perfect height for most beds. This one comes already assembled so you can set it next to your bed or favorite piece of furniture as soon as it arrives. A one-year warranty isn’t too bad, either.

No setup needed
9 color choices
One year warranty
Be Mindful
Weight cap not listed
What Reviewers Said

Users say the product feels sturdy. People believe it is a good quality nightstand, especially for the price. Customers like how the nightstand comes pre-assembled, as it makes it a low effort buy. Many people say it looks just like the photos.

8 more color options
Make: Pine wood • Size: 23 x 20 x 16″ • Weight: 24.6 lbs • Colors: 3

Shaker style is simple – clean lines, minimalist features and lots of wood. This nightstand features two drawers with brass handles that are perfect for storing books, glasses and other bedroom essentials. The drawer features roller guides for smooth operation and the nightstand is made from solid wood. It’s perfect for smaller spaces but well-built and sturdy. Reviewers say it’s also easy to assemble. This table is a great way to keep your bedroom organized and stylish.

Made of solid wood
3 color choices
100 lb top weight cap
Be Mindful
90 day warranty
20 lb drawer weight cap
What Reviewers Said

The majority of people were impressed with the sturdiness and the quality of the wood of this nightstand. Assembly instructions are clear so many people managed to set up the nightstand without many problems. Overall, customers loved the solid hardwood and the value for money.

Nightstand Buying GuideHow to Choose the Perfect One

We have all rolled over in the morning to grab something off of a nightstand. It is quite convenient to have a surface nearby to set a glass of water, a book, a lamp, or to lay your glasses down as you get ready to drift off to sleep.

Nightstands or bedside tables are not only useful pieces of furniture to have, but they can also add a bit of extra style to your bedroom.

If it is time to replace your nightstand or to get your very first one, you may feel a little lost about which one to get. This guide will help you in picking the perfect one for your room.

Types of Nightstands

Your choice of nightstand will depend on what exactly you are hoping to be able to use it for. Is it an accent for your current furniture or more for storing items?

No matter what you decide on, the style and the level of function it gives you should fit in with your bedroom and with your lifestyle.

You will more than likely want to match the style of your new nightstand(s) to the style of your current bedroom furniture. If you are buying all new furniture, make sure to buy pieces that blend in well together.

Bedroom sets often come with a matching nightstand. This is a great option if you’re looking to give the room a fresh look without needing to buy everything separately.

The last thing that you want to do is to get home and have your new bedside tables look out of place.

There are several different styles to choose from, and your choice depends on your style and current setup. Here are a handful of the most popular types of nightstands to help you get an idea of your needs.


Bedside stools are the most minimal option on the market. Bedside stools are a great way to add extra seating to your bedroom without taking up a lot of space. They’re also perfect for propping up a book or a laptop when you’re relaxing in bed.


Dresser nightstands are a great option for more storage space. These tables are a smart place to store any extra clothing that you might have and also give you a surface to put your glasses, phone and a lamp.

Bedside Chest

A small chest of drawers, also called a bedside chest, is useful for people who have more than a few items they like to keep nearby when in bed.

There is also a flat tabletop for a lamp, glasses or a glass of water. Some even use them to hold extra clothing.

Tiered Side Table

A tiered nightstand or side table comes with at least three different shelves for you to store things on. They often look like abstract wood sculptures and go great in modern bedrooms.


Are you looking for a more classic nightstand? If so, bedside cabinets have enough room for some of your things on the top, as well as cabinets or drawers underneath that provide even more storage.

Cocktail Tables

These are a great choice if your bedroom is small or already packed with other furniture. They are usually thinner and taller than other nightstands and create a more chic look to the room.


Cube nightstands are often thought of as simple, though there are many varieties of them. They usually come in wood or stone as a solid block with drawers or cabinets.

There are even some that have open fronts and backs to create the feel of more space. Most come in fairly neutral colors and designs and are very trendy at the moment.

Round / Oval

These are exactly what they sound like: nightstands that are oval. Many people seem to find these types of nightstands to be the cutest ones available, and I must say I agree.

Short and oval, either with legs or without, these bedside tables usually come with at least one drawer. If there is a large lower storage area, it would be a great place to install a Lazy Susan.


Open-shelf nightstands have no front covering; instead, they have several shelves that allow you room to store things. If you want to make those shelves more organized, you can always add some trays, baskets or bowls.

Drum Style

Do you have a diverse sense of style? You may want to think about going for a drum style bedside table. These are round nightstands that usually only have the top surface for storage. They usually come with unique textures or patterns and can help your bedroom showcase your style.


Ottomans are perfect nightstands for lower beds and smaller rooms. Many come with tops that open up for storage space.

If you opt for one with a cushion on top, you’ll want to sit a tray on top to provide a more stable surface. You can also repurpose it for use with a chair if you move into a bigger space.


A nightstand with a USB port, lights and outlets? This might be the coolest table on the list. Some of them even come with speakers. These are great for dorm rooms, teens or just someone who loves tech and likes to stay connected.

Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are the Russian dolls of nightstands, only attached to each other. They consist of two or three tables that look stacked but pull out to extend the surface space of the top.

Nightstand Styles

Nightstands come in many of the same styles as other pieces in your home. Most people are familiar with modern, classic, retro, contemporary and rustic, but two less common styles for nightstands are:

Mid-Century Modern

This style of nightstand has what you might call an up-to-date retro look. One of the draws of the mid-century modern style is lots of storage space.

Some of the more popular of this style are made with wood and neutral tones but these nightstands come in a wide variety of colors and options.


These don’t look much different than an end table and often come with a small drawer. True shakers are made from wood and look wonderful in small or minimalist rooms.

Size & Quantity

You don’t want to buy a nightstand that is either too tall or too short. Make sure to get one that is comfy to reach while you are still in bed.

You will want your nightstand to be roughly the same height as your mattress, though it should be fine if it is a few inches shorter or taller.

Make sure to measure from the floor to the top of your mattress and from the edge of your bed to the wall before you begin browsing.

Give your nightstand a few inches of leeway from your bed. That way, there will still be room for any blankets that need to squeeze in between the two.

If you forget to measure or aren’t near your bed when shopping, just remember that the typical mattress, box spring and space below the bed measure about 28 inches in total.

(1) (highlight this in WP) Pro tips: it is better to get a taller nightstand than a shorter one. That way, any lamp you might place on the bedside table will be able to shine its light down on you.

(2) If your bed is taller and larger than most, it may be better to buy a small dresser or a chest instead of a typical nightstand. (We’ll discuss these options a little later.)

Deciding how many nightstands you will be buying is an important decision that will affect your bedroom’s look and the amount of functionality you have.

If two people share the bedroom, and if you have enough space, you will more than likely want to think about buying two matching nightstands.

On the other hand, if your style or storage needs are different from your roommate or partner, you might even consider two mismatching nightstands.

Buy bedside tables that fit the style and size of the bedroom. You don’t want to get your new nightstands home only to realize that they are too big and bulky for the space you have, or that they stick out like sore thumbs from the rest of the furniture.

It seems common practice to have two bedside tables, but what if you just don’t have enough room or the layout makes it look out of place?

If your bedroom is less than spacious, it may make more sense to only buy one mid-sized nightstand with extra storage and then share it.

If that isn’t practical, there are fabric “folders” and shelves that attach to the frame of the bed. (picture) A bookshelf headboard could also do the trick.

Storage Options & Top Surface

Some people prefer to only have a top space to use, but there are more options than a simple table if you want to make the most of your nightstand.

Whether you decide on a nightstand with drawers or cabinets, or a mix of the two, you will more than likely not regret going with the extra storage option. This will give you places to store things around your bedroom.

It’s surprising how quickly your nightstand starts to look cluttered with all the things that you set on it. Think about all the things you might put in or on the bedside table. The most common items include:

  • books or magazines
  • lotion bottles
  • remotes
  • sleep masks
  • jewelry
  • clocks
  • phones
  • glasses (reading or drinking)

Materials & Color

Once you have made your choice of height, size, type, and storage options for your new nightstand, it is time for the more fun decision. Which material will your nightstand be made of?

Once you decide on the style of your bedside table, the choices in materials should be reduced quite a bit, since the two go hand in hand.

Do you want to match your current furniture, or do you want to go outside of the box and get a nightstand with a different, though complementary, material?

Do you want something simple and durable? A simple wooden nightstand might be the best choice for you. Wicker will be a good choice for material for natural, coastal or retro rooms.

Perhaps you are more of a modern person who likes to push the style boundaries. If this is you, bringing home a metal bedside table will give your bedroom the extra edge that you may be looking for.

Glass nightstands can give your bedroom the illusion of more light and space. Just be sure not to break it!

Stone nightstands, such as marble, give the bedroom a very high-end look. They are also sturdier compared to other options.

It’s also important to consider how easy it is to care for the material that your nightstand is made of. Glass is fairly easy to clean, but it will show dust a lot quicker than other materials.

Make sure you have coasters for your wooden bedside table, so as to not leave cup rings. If you are a person who likes to rearrange your furniture often, you may want to get a nightstand that is lighter and easier to move around. Wicker would be a better choice than marble in this case.

Color is also an important decision to make when thinking about which nightstand to get. The color of the new bedside table should complete the overall feel of the room and not stick out in a negative way.

A lighter color, mirrored or glass nightstand will make a room look brighter. Wooden or darker colored nightstands can help to tone down an already bright look.


There are many factors in the decision to buy a new nightstand. Do you want one or two? Do you want a classic nightstand, a bedside chest, bookshelf or something more creative? How tall should your nightstands be, and how many should you get? What style and material should you get, and should they match your current furniture?

No matter what you decide, your new nightstand should be one that you will love and that looks great in your space, all while giving you somewhere to place all of your nighttime needs.

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