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There are few things as luxurious as relaxing in a hot tub. Whether you’re enjoying a romantic evening with your partner or soaking your muscles after a long day, there’s nothing quite like it.

But with so many different types and models of hot tubs on the market, how do you choose the right one for you? To help you pick, we put together a guide and found 10 of the best hot tubs based on quality, value, style, size and more. Check out our picks below.

Make: Plastic, polyeth. • Size: 32 x 79 x 79″ • Weight: 295 lbs • Colors: 3

This 6-person hot tub is perfect for friends and family to enjoy. It comes with 29 jets, a cup holder for each person, locking cover and a 5 year warranty. Plus, you can choose from three colors to find the perfect match for your backyard. The waterfall feature is just icing on the cake. It’s a plug and play hot tub, meaning you don’t need any extra equipment to get it up and running. The hot tub is also insulated with foam and is freeze resistant so you don’t have to worry about it in the winter. The built in ozonator keeps the water clean and fresh. Did we mention it has LED lights with nine different color settings? This is our pick for best all-around hot tub.

Water purification system
5 year shell warranty
LED waterfall – 9 colors
Be Mindful
Jets not as strong as others
What Reviewers Said

Most customers say that they love this hot tub due to its quality, how easy it is to install, and its price. The model is said to be comfortable and enables you to have a relaxing time. A few users said that the jets are not as powerful as they expected.

Make: PVC • Size: 77 x 77 x 28″ • Weight: 88.9 lbs • Colors: 2

Hot tubs should be affordable, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of hydro therapy. That’s one of the reasons we added the SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub to our list. This model is a portable hot tub that can be set up in minutes. It has a system that heats the water to 104 degrees F, and can even be programmed up to three days in advance. The hot tub includes a cover to maintain the temperature and protect it from leaves and dirt. It can be used at a campsite, in your backyard, or on your patio and even comes with handles for easy transport. When you’re done with it, it folds up small so you can store it away. With over 8,000 reviews, it’s the most popular hot tub we’ve found – by a mile.

Great price
2 color choices
140 jets
Be Mindful
Change filter after each use
Not as durable as a full size
What Reviewers Said

This hot tub is described as fairly easy to set up and an overall good investment, without costing too much money. Some reviewers said only to use the outer handles to move the hot tub after it’s been drained to avoid ripping the seams. More than one person said it was still working great six months to a year after the first use.

Make: PVC • Size: 77 x 77 x 28″ • Weight: 101.8 lbs • Colors: 1

The Intex PureSpa Plus portable hot tub spa is perfect for up to four people and features 140 bubble jets and a built-in heater pump. With its easy-to-use controls, you can have the perfect spa experience every time. The LED lighting makes it fun and easy to use at night and the headrests provide extra comfort. It comes with a cover and carry bag for easy storage. Whether you’re looking to relax after a long day or just want to spend some time with friends, the Intex PureSpa Plus is perfect for any occasion.

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140 jets
2 sizes (4 or 6 person)
One year warranty
Be Mindful
One color choice
What Reviewers Said

Users like the price and how easy the hot tub is to transport. One review says not to use bromine when adding chemicals as it will create a cloudy color. Most customers mention how simple it is to set up and how it is good value for the money. It won’t last as long as a more expensive hot tub, but that was to be expected given the price and materials.

Make: Plastic, polyeth. • Size: 31 x 75 x 66″ • Weight: 240 lbs • Colors: 3

With Jacuzzi pumps, you get a powerful and relaxing massage for up to four people at a time. This hot tub is the perfect size for any backyard or patio, and can be easily plugged into any standard outlet. With 20 jets and room for 4 people, this hot tub is just what you need after a long day or for entertaining friends and family. The plug and play design means you can set it up anywhere in your yard. It also features a filtration system for crystal clean water. And the LED lights and waterfall create an amazing nighttime atmosphere. This is the best value in our top 10.

9 color LED waterfall
Water filter system
5 year shell warranty
Be Mindful
191 gallon water cap
1 year plumbing warranty
What Reviewers Said

The most common mentions were how easy it was to set up and how comfy it was. One user said they were 6′ 4″ and it fit them perfectly. Another said to buy extra filters as the included ones ran out quickly. It may be best to drain it for the winter as some people reported parts failing during the cold months. Remember that it comes with a five year warranty.

Make: Plastic, polyeth. • Size: 29 x 66 x 77″ • Weight: 244 lbs • Colors: 2

This hot tub is equipped with 13 jets, providing a powerful hydro therapeutic experience. It’s easy to set up and use, so you can enjoy the benefits of a hot tub without any hassle. With its oval shape and spacious interior, this hot tub is best for two to three people. The hot tub also features an energy efficient cover and foam insulation that helps keep the heat in and the bills low. Its multi-color LED underwater light is a cool plus as well. So whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a fun night with friends, this hot tub is a great addition to any backyard. It comes in two colors: sand or taupe.

Multi-color underwater light
2 color choices
5 year shell warranty
Be Mindful
1 yr plumbing warranty
220 gallon water cap
What Reviewers Said

Users and testers loved the value for the money above all. Many updated their reviews to say it was still working just as well nine months to a year later. Some said it fits two or three people most comfortably rather than four. The jets were also very strong. Overall there were not many complaints about this one.

Make: Plastic, polyeth. • Size: 32 x 70 x 41″ • Weight: 270 lbs • Colors: 2

In case you prefer the square style, we added this spa from Lifesmart. This one also includes 13 jets and is ideal for three or four people. Each of the four bucket seats has its own jets and plenty of space. The hot tub comes in your choice of two colors: sand or taupe. It also features an LED light system and digital controls. The spa can be set up to 104 degrees F and includes a cover to keep debris out and the heat in. The hot tub comes with a 90 day warranty and an optional stair step.

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2 color choices
5 year warranty
Be Mindful
205 gallon water cap
1 yr plumbing warranty
What Reviewers Said

Reviews were nearly all positive with 95% of people giving it a 4 or better. It was actually the highest rated on our list but with fewer buys than many of the others. Like some of the others, this one is probably best for three people or four on the smaller side. Users said the jets are super strong and the temperature held even in cold weather. People said it was a great value for the price.

Make: Plastic, polyeth. • Size: 32 x 79 x 79″ • Weight: 295 lbs • Colors: 3

A 5-person tub is the perfect way to enjoy your backyard this summer. With its easy to use plug and play feature, you can have your own private oasis up and running in no time. The 29 powerful jets massage your body while the ozonator keeps the water sanitized. The spa is also equipped with LED lights and a waterfall to create a unique and relaxing experience. This hot tub is perfect for entertaining friends or relaxing after a long day. It comes in three natural colors so you can easily match your deck décor. A 4.5 rating and 100s of positive reviews make this a great choice.

Water purify system
Full length lounger
5 year warranty
Be Mindful
213 gallon water cap
1 yr plumbing warranty
What Reviewers Said

Most people were happy with the product. One user said to get the chemical starter kit since there is a bit of a learning curve when treating the water. A few people used the warranty to fix the pump and jets after nine months to a year and a half of use. Customer service was spotty for some.

Make: Plastic, polyethylene • Size: 31 x 80 x 68″ • Weight: 232 lbs • Colors: 3

Jacuzzi pumps in this hot tub from Aquarest provide reliable, energy-efficient power while nearly 20 jets provide a relaxing massage. The oval shape is perfect for couples or small families and the LED waterfall provides a soothing ambiance. The plug and play design means you can set it up anywhere there’s an outlet, and the included filtration system keeps the water clean and clear. A locking cover is included to keep the water warm and debris from falling in. It’s perfect for any couple who wants to relax in their own backyard oasis.

9 color LED waterfall
3 color choices
5 year shell warranty
Be Mindful
For 2 people
1 year plumbing warranty
What Reviewers Said

The quality of this hot tub is described as good. It comes with nice features such as the rotating colors LED lights, which customers like. A few people said the jets could be stronger, but the heat held well for nearly all reviewers.

Make: Plastic, polyeth. • Size: 34 x 81 x 81″ • Weight: 440 lbs • Colors: 1

This hot tub is designed for ultimate relaxation, with 22 jets that provide a massage-like experience. The built-in ozonator keeps the water fresh, while the LED lights add a beautiful ambiance. The square shape makes it perfect for socializing, and the plug-and-play design means you can enjoy it right away. A digital control panel is included to adjust the jet power and temperature. Whether you’re hosting a party or just want to relax with the family after a long day, this hot tub is just what you need.

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Ozonator filter system
Includes waterfall
Locking cover
Be Mindful
90 day warranty
One color choice
What Reviewers Said

Customers say this is a great hot tub for the price. It stays warm, has effective jets and comes with excellent features such as a waterfall and LED lights. Many users have commented on how long-lasting the product is, with customers owning it for years without seeing any problems.

Make: Steel, fiberglass • Size: 150 x 90 x 46″ • Weight: 1,500 lbs • Colors: 7

We’ve covered just about every hot tub size from couples to large families. But what if you need space for 8+ people in your spa? The Big Kahuna hot tub comes equipped with LED lighting and 123 stainless steel jets that will make your hot tub experience even more enjoyable. It also includes eight seats and eight spa pillows with personalized jets. The digital controls make it easy to adjust the settings to your liking, and the wide variety of jets ensures that everyone can find a perfect spot to relax. Plus, two popup water column fountains add a touch of luxury. The ozonator ensures the cleanest water for you and your guests. If you’re looking to treat yourself, family and friends, this is the one to get.

123 jets and 8 spa pillows
10 year shell warranty
2 built-in ice chests
Multi-color LED waterfall
Be Mindful
1,320 gallon water cap
1 yr plumbing warranty
What Reviewers Said

People had nothing but great things to say about this one. Many reported it was still working perfectly three years later. Customer was excellent. Users said the jets are powerful and raved about the comfort, size how easy it is to maintain.

How to ChooseBuyer’s Guide, Comparison & Advice

Hot tubs provide an incredible amount of mental and physical relaxation. One of the major benefits of hot tubs is that they offer hydro therapy, which uses the power of hot water to relax your mind and body. Hydro therapy is known to improve muscle and joint health and promote better sleep.

Hot tubs are also a smart buy because they:

  • Add a stylish piece to an outdoor area
  • Offer mental and physical benefits
  • Provide a comfortable space to relax
  • Improve the value of your home
  • Create a gathering point for family and friends

Buying a new hot tub can feel like a big challenge to tackle. It is important that you understand the ins and outs of hot tubs that so you can choose the best option for you.

This guide will go in depth on the hot tub buying process. You should be well-informed and aware of the different types of hot tubs, their features and their cost.


First, you will want to decide what type of hot tub you prefer. There are two main types of hot tubs: portable and in-ground. Portable hot tubs are less costly and can be moved if you move homes or stored away when not in use.

On the other hand, portable hot tubs are not as durable as in-ground hot tubs and may not last as long. They may not have all the features of an in-ground model, either.

In-ground hot tubs are more expensive but will add value to your home. They also offer more features and comfort. This is the style you think of when you hear hot tub – multiple jets, seating, lights, etc.


Another important consideration is the type of jets you want in your hot tub. Jets are one of the most luxurious parts of a hot tub experience. They can provide a massage, or simply help to circulate the water. Jets have advanced to be speed controlled and to target specific muscles.

As you are searching for a hot tub, look at all the jet options available to you. Hot tubs can come with just a few dozen jets all the way up to a few hundred. However, the more jets you have the lower the pressure each one provides.

What’s the optimal number? A jet to pump ratio of about 20-25 to 1 seems to be best according to sales trends and reviews. Check to see how many pumps the hot tub has in the description.

More so than the number of jets, though, jet placement will have the biggest impact on your experience.

The placement of jets will determine which spots on your body they target. If you are someone who plans to use your hot tub for hydro therapy, make sure there are jets in the places you need them most.

Ideally, hot tubs will have multiple pumps to power all the jets. This will distribute the pressure evenly amongst them all. You also want a hot tub that uses the right mix of water and air to generate the perfect intensity so that your jets aren’t too soft or hard.

Look for a hot tub that has multiple types of jets. This way you can target different muscle groups and points on your body with the right pressure. The best hot tubs have jets that can be customized and controlled with buttons on the tub itself or with a remote.

Some of the most common jet options are very similar to what you’d find on a massage chair. Each tends to be best at targeting and relieving pain in certain areas of the body.

  • Oscillating
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Pulsating
  • Shower
  • Kneading

Size & Location

Think about the size of the hot tub you desire. This will depend on your needs and also the space you are working with.


Different hot tubs have different capacities. If you plan to use the hot tub for just yourself or one other person, you will not need a hot tub of large capacity. If you know you will be hosting a lot of people in the hot tub, something of a larger capacity will be important for you.

In general, different sized tubs have varying amounts of seats.

  • 2-4 seats (singles or couples)
  • 5-7 seats (small family)
  • 8-10 seats (large family or frequent hosts)
  • XL & Swim Spas: 11+ (very large gatherings)

The size of the hot tub you purchase will depend on your needs, but also what your space allows for. Consider where you want to locate your hot tub. Most often, hot tubs are located outside above ground, but they can be placed inside. They can also be set into the ground like you’d see at a resort.

Regardless, you will want to take the measurements of the area you want to place your hot tub before you purchase it. Make sure you account for accessories, such as stairs or a cover and even tables to sit food and drinks on.

Hot tub shapes are generally square, circular or rectangular, but other options are out there. Most hot tubs are between six and nine feet wide while swim spas can often run 20 feet in length.


As you’re considering the size and location of your hot tub, think about the seats. Things you should be thinking about are:

  • How you plan to sit in the hot tub
  • How the jets will relate to the seat placements
  • Elevating certain seats
  • Seat styles
  • Seat height

All of these things will impact how you are able to use your hot tub. If you want to use the hot tub for full-body massages, you will want plenty of lounge seats and won’t be as concerned with a higher seat. A lounge seat takes up the space of two regular seats. But in a lounge seat, you can fully recline back and lounge for the most relaxation.

If you plan to have small children in the hot tub, you will want to select seats that the children can safely sit in, such as an elevated seat.


Hot tub features don’t just stop at jets and seats. Today’s hot tubs come equipped with a number of standard features.

If you really want to get fancy with your hot tub, consider looking for one that includes extra features like lighting, water effects, or a stereo. While these features aren’t necessary, they sure do make the entire experience more fun!


Pumps are rather standard in any hot tub. Pumps are what allow the water to flow through the jets. However, different pumps use different levels of energy, and more pumps will use more energy than normal. You want to search for a hot tub in which the ratio between number of jets and power is equal.


Covers aren’t necessarily a feature, but more a necessity. Hot tub covers preserve the heat of the tub while also protecting the water from dirt and debris. Certain covers even have straps with clips to really secure it down. When you buy a hot tub, covers nearly always come included.

Covers help save energy because the hot tub isn’t constantly trying to keep itself warm—the cover is working to keep that heat trapped. We also recommend you purchase a cover lifter to help you easily open and close your hot tub.


Hot tubs have interior and exterior lights. If you plan to use your hot tub at night, this might be a smart add-on. Some models even have color-changing capabilities to change up the mood. Other light features include lighted cup holders and back-lighting.

Water Effects

Water effects are things like a flowing waterfall or fountains. These create a nice ambience and promote relaxation in the hot tub. The soothing sounds of running water calm you down and allow you to unwind.


If you would rather control the sounds from your hot tub, consider a built-in surround sound stereo or Bluetooth connection. Nothing complements a relaxing night soaking away stress than the sound of your own tunes.

If you’re hosting a party, being able to play music from the hot tub is sure to keep the party going. Some hot tubs have waterproof speakers that you can easily connect to from your phone.


A strong filtration system is an important part of any hot tub. Filtration is the most effective way to keep your water pure and clean. Filters are responsible for collecting and trapping dirt. Most hot tubs have one or two of them. The larger the tub, the more you may want to consider adding.

Pro tip: Filters should be changed every year, and your new hot tub should come equipped with a fresh filter.


Insulation is the best way to contain heat in a hot tub. Not only can heat escape from the top but through the sides and the cracks as well. A full-foam hot tub, for example, is filled entirely with insulation which protects the pumps. This prevents the need for repairs.

Certain hot tubs require insulation for structural support. A properly insulated hot tub can save you up to 20% every year on the heat bill.


Smart technology in our homes has begun to take over every major appliance. This applies to hot tubs as well. Modern hot tubs come compatible to a WiFi app that lets you have complete control over your spa. You can turn your hot tub on or off, change the lights, temperature or jet speeds, and adjust other settings from your phone or tablet.


Steps are the easiest way to enter and exit your hot tub. Choosing safe and secure steps is very important when browsing for a hot tub. If your model doesn’t come with steps, you should consider buying a set. Steps give easy access to those coming in and out of the hot tub. Steps can also improve the appearance.

Where to Buy

You want to purchase your tub from someone who is knowledgeable and qualified to sell hot tubs. After all, they aren’t cheap! In general, there are three options to buy a hot tub from:

  • Dealers
  • Retailers
  • Online


Hot tub dealers are just like any other dealership. They are a store exclusively dedicated to selling hot tubs. On average, hot tub prices from a dealer are typically more expensive than other options.

However, it can be nice to explore your hot tub options in person. Some people even opt to try it out in store. If you do a so-called wet test, wait a couple days before making the purchase. Give yourself some time to reflect on whether or not you truly love it.

Most hot tub dealers will also deliver and install your hot tub which is certainly a bonus. Local hot tub dealers can be a valuable source packed with knowledge. A good dealer should be able to answer all your questions and help you set up the hot tub.


Retailers are another good option. These include well-known stores such as:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Costco
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy

Shopping from one of these retailers requires a bit more research on your end. Retailers, however, can be convenient because of their lower prices, but their staff isn’t equipped with the knowledge to answer your questions. Luckily, they have pros that they can refer you to to install the hot tub.

For example, Home Depot has their Pro Referral service where they connect you to local experts. You can get quotes to compare prices as well as read reviews. Each of these experts is licensed, insured and background checked.


You are likely to find the best deals for hot tubs online. Hot tubs are an expensive purchase and you want to be smart about where your money is going.

When buying online, many retailers offer installation by local experts for an additional cost. Of course, if you’re the DIY type, you can always do this yourself. You just want to ensure that when you are purchasing a hot tub online, you will be guaranteed the same warranty and support as if you were purchasing in person.


Different brands offer different types of hot tubs across a range of price points. When you are searching for hot tubs, consider the brand’s reputation, construction, energy efficiency, and jet options.

Consider looking for other buyers’ opinions of the brand and their products. Online reviews are a great way to collect opinions of the brand.

Be sure the brand offers a promising warranty policy. That way you can be protected for an extended period of time after purchase.

The most trusted hot tub brands are:

  • Sundance
  • Bullfrog
  • Master
  • Hot Spring
  • Jacuzzi


When you are browsing different hot tub brands, carefully look at the materials used in their products. Normally, hot tubs are made with wood or metal frames which support the internal parts. This inner part of the hot tub is called the shell. This is the piece of the hot tub that most companies get creative with in their design.

Different material frames have different responses to weather. Wood can fade or rot, and metal can rust over time. Certain hot tub brands offer shells made of non-corrosive material. The materials used in a hot tub are something that will impact their life span, so you want to be sure to invest in a brand with a quality frame and shell.

The most common material for hot tub shells is acrylic. However, hot tubs shells can also be made from:

  • Resin
  • Polymer
  • Wood
  • Vinyl

Similar to any other home furnishing, the material of the hot tub will play a large role in the total cost. Each has their pros and cons and some will support your hot tub better than others.


Hot tubs with an acrylic shell are very popular for their looks and life span. The acrylic is molded into different shapes that create comfortable, angled seats in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Acrylic hot tubs vary can be as affordable as $2,000 or as much as $20,000. Much of this difference is based on the frame material, features, number of jets and pumps and brand name.


Resin hot tubs are very strong. In fact, they’re made to last you many years. The molded resin cabinet is built within the shell and the hot tub becomes one complete unit. Some resin hot tubs are of better quality than others, but generally these are very affordable. They are smooth in their appearance and still have unique features like fun jets and lounge seats.


Vinyl hot tubs are the most affordable tub on the market. With that being said, they also have the least amount of features. There are two main types of vinyl: cheaper, inflatable vinyl or more costly soft-sided hot tub vinyl. The inflatable vinyl tubs are a temporary fixture and only last a couple of years.

Soft vinyl hot tubs are essentially portable hot tubs. There is no true seating in this type of hot tub, just the ground of the tub. There are barely any jets, if it all and the structure of these tubs is not very sound. However, if you want to travel with your hot tub or set it up periodically, this may be a good option.


Wood fire hot tubs are where it all started. This is the most classic method of heating a hot tub. The tub is connected to a wood stove and wood is added or removed to increase or reduce the heat. Wooden hot tubs only take a few hours to heat up to 100 F whereas electric models can take nearly half a day.

Wooden hot tubs are typically deeper than acrylic models and are often found in cabin spas. These can be made of cedar or teak. This type is very popular in Europe and Japan. Wooden hot tubs cost less than acrylic but are less insulated so the power use is usually higher.

Wood models are heated with electric, gas or a wood fire. With the electric version, you would hook the hot tub up to a circuit. These often come with a panel to control the temperature right from the hot tub. Electric models are less expensive, but they may take longer to heat the water.

Gas hot tubs are powered by natural gas or propane. If your home is already set up for gas, this could be a great option for you. Gas-powered models are typically more expensive, but they heat the water faster.

As we discussed, wood will rot over time so you will want to apply a sealant to your wooden hot tub when it arrives and each year after that. This will help to protect it over time. It’s best to use a mineral sanitizer or drain a wood fire hot tub after a few uses as chlorine can damage the wood. With a hot tub cover and regular sealing / care, a wooden hot tub can last more than 15 years.


A factor that will largely guide your decision for whatever hot tub you decide to purchase is the cost.

First, let’s talk about the initial cost of the hot tub. Surely, the more features your hot tub has, the more it will cost. Additionally, the size of the tub will also play a role in the price. Other things that impact the cost are site set up, installation, repairs, new filters, and add-ons.

In general, hot tubs fall into four price categories:

  • Low-end (Portable or budget in-ground)
  • Mid-range (Standard size)
  • High-end (Best experience)
  • Luxury (Pool spas with all the extras)

Low-end hot tubs are the most affordable. These tubs start at $800 and won’t run you more than $2,500. However, these hot tubs are not designed for heavy use. Their low price is an indication of their quality.

Mid-range hot tubs are a step above. You can expect to spend anywhere between $2,500 and $9,000 on a mid-range hot tub. At this price point, your hot tub will have the basic features and a bit more.

Mid-range hot tubs are the level in which you start to see decent options for hydro therapy. They are reliable in their design and materials. Overall, they are pretty comfortable too. Mid-range hot tubs usually come with 20 to 30 jets.

High-end hot tubs are some of the finest on the market, right below luxury. Starting at about $9,000, these hot tubs will come with a variety of features. They are high quality, spacious, and comfortably designed. Their therapy features are sure to make you feel relaxed. You can expect to spend up to $14,000 on a luxury hot tub.

The finest hot tubs you can purchase are luxury hot tubs. These hot tubs will cost you more than $14,000. Luxury hot tubs come with nearly every imaginable feature. They are the highest quality and the most efficient models on the market. Most of these models can fit more than 10 people and some are considered pool spas because of their shape and length.

If you really want a hot tub, but are worried about the cost, you have a few options. There are certain times of the year that are better for purchasing hot tubs. There are also different financing and payment plan options for buying a hot tub.

Similar to a car or home purchase, you can finance your hot tub or take out a loan. As it relates to financing, you can choose to:

  • Finance through the dealer
  • Use a rewards credit card
  • Take out a loan

Some hot tub dealers will offer in-store finance options. This means you would pay for the hot tub in smaller increments over a shortened period of time. With these options, a deposit is required at the time of purchase.

Home improvement credit cards are a sensible choice for buying a hot tub. These cards are specific to one store but can be used as a normal credit card there. If you don’t want to use a home improvement credit card, consider using another personal credit card to pay for your hot tub. Many rewards credit cards offer bonuses of up to $750 when you spend $4,000 in the first three months.

Home equity loans are a great way to be able to purchase your dream hot tub. This money is given in a large amount, but there is a spending limit much like a credit card. With this option, your home is listed as collateral. Make sure you can afford to pay back your home equity loan after purchasing your tub!

Don’t forget about the extra costs associated with buying a hot tub. Aside from the cost of the tub itself, you will have to pay for installation, chemicals, filters, accessories, repairs and power. Factor this into your total budget.

Another way to get a great deal on a hot tub is to buy at the right time. Yes, there are better times than others to purchase a hot tub for your home. You are likely to find discounts on hot tubs during fall and winter as new models are being released and during holidays when many stores offer sales.

Shopping for a hot tub during these times is sure to guarantee you a deal. If you are ready to commit to purchasing a hot tub but still feel hesitant about the cost, keep in mind these tips for purchase times.

An overlooked feature of a hot tub is a warranty. Most new hot tub purchases will come with a warranty. Be sure to check which services and parts this covers.


Regardless of the brand or style of hot tub, they all require electricity. Some hot tubs use quite a lot. If you are conscious of your energy consumption, look for a hot tub that is more energy efficient.

Certain brands offer hot tubs that use less power and piping than their competitors. The less energy used, the less pressure on the pipes and water pump. The less pressure on the pumps, the longer your hot tub will last.

Additionally, choosing a hot tub that is more energy efficient will save you money on your electric and water bills.

To summarize, consider how many people you’ll want to be able to accommodate. If you have a large family or entertain often, you’ll want a bigger tub.

Second, think about where you’ll be putting the hot tub. You’ll need to make sure you have enough space and that it’s in a location that’s easy to access.

Third, take into account any special features you might want, such as jets or a stereo system.

And finally, make sure you look at the quality and compare prices to get the best deal. After having reviewed this guide, you should now be prepared to take on hot tub shopping. Shortly after, you will be on the way to ultimate relaxation.

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