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Headboards add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. They make your bed look more polished and put together. And, they’re actually quite practical. Headboards can help to prop up your pillows and provide a place to lean when you’re reading in bed. They also make it easy to keep your bedding tidy.

To help you pick the perfect one for your room, we’ve put together a guide and a list of the 10 best headboards based on quality, value, style, size and more.

Make: Wood mix, polyester, foam • Size: Twin to king • Colors: 7 options

The Francis is the most popular headboard we’ve ever found with over 16,000 reviews and it’s easy to see why. It’s upholstered in a rich, tufted polyester and features a clean, modern profile. The headboard is filled with foam for extra comfort and is built from a mix of different types of wood. The headboard is also incredibly versatile, suiting any style of bedroom from modern to classic. Plus, it’s available in all mattress sizes from twin to king and seven colors so you can find the perfect fit for your space. It comes with everything you need to set it up.

7 color choices
One year warranty
Easy setup
Be Mindful
Won’t fit Cali king
What Reviews Said

Attaching this headboard to the bed frame was super easy. Once attached, the customers admired the qood quality, thick padding of the product, making it a comfortable addition to the bed. Customers describe this as nice and sturdy.

Make: Wood mix, polyester, foam • Sizes: Full to Cali king • Colors: 4

This headboard is incredibly stylish, with a clean, nailhead trim that will complement almost any bedroom decor. The headboard is made from a mix of wood and is also extremely comfortable, thanks to its foam padding and soft, polyester fabric. It comes in four colors and with everything you need to mount it onto your bed frame. The Snowhill can also be used in a mix of settings, from a traditional to a modern bedroom. It even works with adjustable beds. All of that and a 4.8 rating from over 8,000 reviews make this our top nailhead style pick.

4 color choices
Nailhead trim
Easy setup
Be Mindful
30 day warranty
Won’t fit twin size beds
What Reviewers Said

A lot of customers loved the colors that this headboard comes in, with most options being described as beautiful, and even perfect. The setup process was simple, with only a few people finding it tricky. Many loved the fabric and called it a great value.


Lucid Adjustable Height Headboard

Best Budget / Height Adjust
Make: Wood, fabric • Size: Twin to Cali king • Styles: 2 • Colors: 6

Don’t want to spend a lot of money, but still want a high quality product? This headboard can be adjusted in 34 to 46” in two inch increments, so you can find the perfect position for your needs. Plus, it can be used with any size (twin to Cali king) and type of mattress, from memory foam to latex to innerspring.

The upholstered headboard is available in six colors and two designs, so you can find the perfect look for your bedroom. The diamond tufting is the best selling model, but the headboard also comes in nailhead trim, square or vertical channels. So, whether you want to sit up in bed to read or watch TV, or you just want to lounge in a comfortable position, this headboard has exactly what you need.

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Fits all size beds
6 color choices
Can adjust height by 12″
Be Mindful
Not as sturdy as others
What Reviewers Said

A lot of reviewers mention that this headboard looks fantastic, well above the quality that they expected for the price. Product setup was easy for nearly all customers. A couple of reviewers mention that the legs could be stronger, but most mention how stable the frame appears to be.

Make: Steel, foam • Size: Twin to king • Styles: 4 • Colors: 2

The Zinus metal headboard has four stylish designs that will complement any modern bedroom. The headboard comes in your choice of two fabric colors and a button-tufted, banded, classic or upholstered design. The headboard is made with a steel frame and fits twin, full, queen, and king size beds. Reviewers say the Zinus is super easy to assemble and it comes with a five-year limited warranty. With over 7,500 reviews and a near perfect rating, this headboard is the perfect way to add a sense of luxury to your bedroom.

2 color choices
5 year warranty
4 styles
Be Mindful
Won’t fit Cali king
What Reviewers Said

The plush fabric of this headboard gives the product a stylish look, yet also comfortable. Users and testers said setup was quick and easy to do. Customers noted the headboard is well made, creating a high quality product as a result.

Make: Metal, polyester • Size: Twin to king • Colors: 9

The perfect marriage of classic style and modern design, this headboard is sure to become the centerpiece of your bedroom. The handsome piece is upholstered in polyester and features a sleek, tufted exterior. It comes in nine different color options so you can easily match it to any bedroom in the house. The headboard works with any size mattress from twin to king as well as adjustable beds. And the sturdy metal frame provides stability, while the included hardware makes for easy installation.

9 color choices
Tufting and shape
Works with adjustable beds
Be Mindful
No warranty
Won’t fit Cali king size
What Reviewers Said

Reviewers say this headboard has an expensive look, while still selling for a great price. The product is durable; one user says they have had it for years and it still looks as good. Customers are happy with how well it goes with the other pieces in their room.

Make: Wood, polyester, foam • Size: Twin to Cali king • Colors: 6

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful and comfortable space to retreat to at the end of the day, and this headboard is the perfect way to achieve that at a value price. This headboard has a simple, yet stylish design that will complement any bedroom décor. It’s made of solid rubberwood and filled with foam for extra comfort. We think the button-tufted detailing adds a touch of elegance to it as well. The headboard is upholstered in polyester and comes in six colors: stone, beige, black, cobalt, charcoal and ivory. It can even be adjusted from 34 to 46 inches high. The headboard comes with a two year warranty.

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2 year warranty
6 color options
Adjustable height
Be Mindful
Not as sturdy as others
What Reviewers Said

Some people said the color of some of the headboards was slightly different than it looked in the picture. Overall, though, reviewers say the headboard is very well made, durable, and easily installed onto the frame. It also adjusts easily to the height of the bed.

Make: Iron, polyester, foam • Sizes: Full, queen • Colors: 4

The bedroom should be a haven, a place where you can relax and recharge. This headboard is designed with comfort in mind, so you can drift off to sleep easily and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. The headboard is filled with foam padding and upholstered in a soft fabric for extra comfort. The metal panel headboard is also very easy to assemble and is built to last. It comes with simple instructions and can be put together in minutes. With a comfortable design and four color choices, it is perfect for any bedroom.

4 color options
Made of iron
Beautiful design
Be Mindful
Only fits full and queen size
90 day warranty
What Reviewers Said

This headboard is described as stylish and classy looking. There are lots of beautiful details to this headboard that make up how high quality the product is. This headboard complements the room and even improves it with its elegance. Customers love the color choices, especially the ivory.


Mornington Platform Bed & Headboard

Best Headboard & Frame Combo
Make: Metal, manuf. wood • Size: Full to king • Styles: 2 • Colors: 5

Looking for a timeless bed set that will never go out of style? This beautiful bed frame and headboard combo is made from metal and upholstered in a classic fabric that will suit any decor. The wood slat support system provides comfort and durability, while the tufted headboard and footboard add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. The bed is available in five colors, two designs and three sizes (full, queen, and king), so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your bedroom. The best part? The set ships in one box as well as all the tools needed to assemble it.

5 color choices
5 year warranty
2 design styles
Be Mindful
Won’t fit twin or Cali king
What Reviewers Said

There were a few complaints about how this headboard didn’t last. One user mentions they had to provide their own extra frame underneath. However, other reviewers mention how sturdy the product is. Assembly was easy for most and took only a short while to complete.


Lexington Upholstered Headboard

Most Design Options
Make: Metal, polyester, foam • Size: Twin to king • Colors: 11

This piece comes with a solid metal frame for durability as well as thick foam padding and nailhead trim for a classy look and feel. The Lexington is upholstered in a soft, tufted fabric that is both stylish and comfortable. The design options are quite broad: 11 colors and four bed sizes. With its clean lines and simple design, this headboard is the perfect way to add style to your bedroom. It fits any mattress other than a Cali king and only takes about 10 minutes to put together with a power drill. The headboard comes with a two year parts warranty.

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11 color choices
Made from metal
5 year non-parts warranty
Be Mindful
Won’t fit Cali king size
What Reviewers Said

Most often noted is the great quality of this headboard, along with its attractive look. Due to easy instructions, setup of this headboard is simple. However, quite a few reviewers comment on a chemical smell from the product, forcing some of them to return it.

Make: Metal, manuf. wood, polyester, foam • Size: Queen, king • Colors: 4

With its graceful wings and luxurious fabric, this headboard is a stunning addition to our list. The headboard is upholstered in polyester and comes in four colors: cream, gray, navy, and dark gray. The headboard has pre-drilled holes for an easy install and can be used with any queen or king bed frames. The unique wingback design reduces noise and ensures your mattress stays put throughout the night. The headboard is also designed to be incredibly comfortable, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll always have a good night’s sleep.

4 color options
One year warranty
Easy setup
Be Mindful
Only fits queen or king
What Reviewers Said

Nearly all customers were pleased with this headboard. People describe its appearance as high-end looking, with good quality material and elegant color options. According to a lot of reviewers, it took no time at all to set up. People said this product was a great value for the money.

Headboard Buying GuideHow to Choose the Perfect One

Headboards will often be part of or the main focal point in any bedroom, so why not make a statement? You can make your new headboard as classy or as simple as you decide to.

Even if you already have other bedroom furniture, you will still be left with many choices to match that furniture.

With all of the options out there, it can be hard to know how to decide which one is the right one for you. We’ve put together this guide to make that choice an easy one.

Types of Headboards

Bed Frame Mounted

Bed frame mounted headboards usually come with the rest of the bed frame when it is bought, but there is the option to buy them separately.

When it comes to assembly, it is important to remember that headboards are usually attached to the bed frames.

Headboards come in all sizes and will come with screw holes. Just make sure that you order the correct size headboard for your size mattress (e.g. queen, king).

There are also adapter (conversion) plates if you need to fit your headboard onto a frame that does not have screw holes in the right places.

Once all the parts are connected, the bed will not need to depend on the wall to stand up straight.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted headboards come with some installation because they need to be drilled into the wall. However, they also allow you to use any size bed frame. That means there’s no need for a kit.

These can be great options for drawing eyes. They come in many bright and colorful options.


Freestanding headboards are almost a hybrid of wall-mounted and bed frame mounted headboards.

With these headboards, there is the choice to either attach it onto a bed frame or mount it onto the wall.

Some freestanding headboards are bookcases or meant for storage, and these types can stand up freely between the wall and the bed.

Headboard Styles

Just as fashion often changes, so too does home décor. There are always new trends in the bedroom decorating field, but we will try to cover some of the latest ones here.

You’ll notice that many of these styles match up with those mentioned in our bedroom set guide. Be sure to check that out for even more bedroom ideas.

Colorful upholstery has been a popular choice in headboards in the last few years. As has elaborate tufting, reclaimed wood and minimalism. At least one of these trends should fit in with your chosen style.

If you already have furniture in your bedroom, you will want to find something that matches that. Wood and fabric headboards are often easier to match to other pieces of furniture than other materials.

If you do not have any furniture, try to complement your color scheme as much as you can. Take pictures of your room to see how well it matches up to the ones you like.

The last thing you want to do is get your new headboard home and discover that it does not go well with your room.

Slat Headboards

If you want your bedroom to feel more relaxing, you might want to consider a headboard that has open spaces, such as slat headboards.

Slat headboards are made up of either horizontal or vertical slats of material, and are typically made of wood.

These are a great way to complete a simply decorated room. They will draw the eye without being overbearing.

Panel Headboards

Panel headboards are one of the more popular types. They are made up of either one or two panels, which is where they get their name.

They come in solid materials, usually either fabric or wood and are easily connected by brackets to the rest of the bed frame.

Bookcase Headboards

Bookcase headboards are exactly what they sound like: headboards with a bookcase built right in.

Though perfect for anyone who loves books, these are not the only people who enjoy these fun headboards.

The bookcases are also a great place to store some small, extra decorative items such as photo frames, vases, or trinkets.

Do you plan on spending a lot of time in your bed? If so, some bookcase headboards have lighting built right in. This nice little feature is great for late night reading and TV binging.

Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered headboards are a very stylish way to add that little something extra to a bedroom.

The upholstery is usually either fabric or leather, and there are usually small features added to the fabric, such as tufting or stitching.

Canopy Headboards

Canopy headboards are often the things of little girls’ dreams. There is nothing like sleeping under a canopy to make you feel like a princess.

These headboards usually come with some type of railing on top of the four bedposts. This railing gives you the option of hanging fabric down over the bed to create a more private space to sleep in.

Sleigh Headboards

Sleigh headboards are those that have matching headboards and footboards. This type of headboard is usually very classic looking and slightly resembles a sleigh.

Sleigh models have soft curves and create a feeling of comfort.

Wingback Headboards

Wingback headboards look like the ends have been folded in. This was originally meant to block cold air from open windows, but has become more of a fashion statement these days.

These headboards also give some people a sense of safety and can keep the mattress from shifting.

Headboard Materials

Another important choice is the material that you want your headboard to be made from. This choice will impact the style and the type of your headboard, as well as the level of sturdiness that you can expect.

Make sure to read updated reviews on the piece and look for comments on how well it held up over time.


The two most popular materials for headboards are wood and fabric. Wood headboards will give you a more classic look, and it is easily matched to any existing wood furniture in the bedroom. These will be very sturdy and easy to take care of.

If you are looking for a farmhouse style bedroom, you can find headboards that are made out of wood pallets or planks. These options will definitely give off a country vibe in your bedroom that you will love.

Plain wood headboards will also suffice for this purpose, but they will look better with a lighter stain and a nice aged look.


Fabric headboards are both modern and classy. It can be fun to find the perfectly hued fabric headboard to go with your color scheme.

These headboards often come in linen or cotton. Remember that if you suffer from allergies, a fabric headboard will probably only aggravate them.

Fabric headboards are also a great choice for a relaxing feel since they have a nice way of making the room look comfy and inviting.

A nice bonus is that fabric headboards can even be used as a headrest if you happen to be sitting up in bed and reading a book.

Leather is another popular choice of headboard that gives a very gentlemanly feel and would be perfect for a bachelor pad.

Metal & Wicker

Another material used for headboards is metal, usually brass, aluminum or iron. These can bring a more antique look to your bedroom.

Wicker (rattan) headboards will go great if you have a coastal or Boho-styled bedroom with a wide array of colors and patterns.

These are also lightweight and easy to move, but they can be somewhat fragile, so proceed with caution.

Headboard Sizes

The main factor in your headboard’s size is going to be your mattress size. You will of course want to match the size of the two.

However, it is still important to measure how much empty space there is for your headboard, just in case you want your headboard a little higher or wider than normal.

Headboards come in several different widths. The shortest ones meant for twin size beds are usually 40 inches wide, while king size headboards can be closer to 80 inches wide.

The decision of how wide your headboard can play a big role in the overall style of the room.

Height is also important. For a twin size, a headboard will sit a couple feet above the mattress. A king size headboard can sometimes sit between four and five feet above the mattress.

Of course, these are just rules of thumb. You can go as big or small as you like.

If you want your headboard to be the main focus of the room, consider getting one of the tallest headboards that you can fit.

Likewise, if you are thinking of using something else to be the room’s focal point, you might want to go for a smaller headboard so that the eye is not drawn to it.

Matching footboards can take up a good amount of space on the opposite end of the headboard, so keep that in mind if you plan on choosing a headboard with a matching footboard.

Also keep in mind that a headboard with no footboard can help make a room look more open and spacious. Going without a footboard is best if the room is on the smaller side.

Hopefully, some of these tips have helped you get on the right track to picking out the headboard with the correct type, style, materials, and size to make the perfect center of attention for your bedroom.


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