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In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose touch with friends and family. But with a foosball table, you can slow down and enjoy some quality time with the people you care about. It’s also a great way to relieve stress and improve your mental health.

How do you find the right one, though? We’ve put together a guide and a list of the 10 best foosball tables based on quality, value, style, size and more.

wooden foosball table with green playing surface
Make: MDF, steel, plastic • Size: 48 x 24 x 33″ • Weight: 52 lbs • Colors: 1

Everyone deserves to have a great time playing foosball. That’s why we added this hugely popular four foot foosball table to our list. It’s the one of the highest rated, best selling tables we’ve seen with over 2,800 reviews. With its competition-sized playing field and steel rods, this table is perfect for hosting foosball nights with friends or friendly matches with family. It’s the ideal size for beginners or recreational players. With its easy setup design, the Best Choice foosball table is a great addition to any home.

Steel rods
Highest rated on Amazon
Easy setup
Be Mindful
Smaller than standard size
What Reviewers Said

The reviews felt the table is lightweight and easy to move. It is referred to in some reviews as a starter table due to its design and finish. Many of the customers have found the assembly to be relatively easy. Value for the money was rated most highly.

blue tabletop foosball table without legs featuring blue and red players
Make: MDF, steel • Size: 23 x 35 x 4″ • Weight: 15.4 lbs • Colors: 1

The FX40 Tabletop Foosball Table is perfect for those kids or adults who want a small table that is still big enough for a competitive game. It is both lightweight and easy to move, making it a great option for smaller spaces. The table top is made from engineered wood and plastic that is easy to clean and maintain. It also has a smooth, consistent playing surface that ensures a fair, fun game. The foosball table, we should note, is actually 35 inches long rather than 40. That aside, it comes with everything you need to start playing.

Lightweight and portable
Highest rated on Amazon
Steel rods
Be Mindful
For young kids – 35″ long
What Reviewers Said

The reviews for this product refer to it as a great family style table. Customers felt it was good value for the money and was high quality for the price point. However some of the reviews said the material and size can make the product fragile for kids over 12.

multi game foosball table
Make: MDF, metal, plastic • Size: ~31 x 17 x 8″ • Weight: 31 lbs • Colors: 1

The Best Choice 4-in-1 Multi Game Table is the perfect way for kids to enjoy a variety of classic games with friends and family. This all-in-one table includes billiards, air hockey, foosball, and table tennis, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With four different games to choose from, the kids will never get bored. It comes with foosballs, paddles, pucks, cues and everything else you’d need to play any of the four. The table also includes a 7.5 inch space inside to store the tables you’re not using. The modern design of the table is perfect for any game room, and the instructions make set-up a breeze.

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Lightweight and portable
4 games in one
Easy setup
Be Mindful
For young kids – 31″ long
What Reviewers Said

The reviews for this product suggest that the product is not as sturdy as a standalone foosball table. Some said it was best for younger children who don’t play as roughly. Stacking the different tabletops could be tricky, but many users loved the variety of games.

arcade style foosball table
Make: Wood mix, steel • Size: ~56 x 29 x 35″ • Weight: 92 lbs • Colors: 1

The ESPN Foosball Table is the perfect addition to any game room. This table is built with a durable metal frame and covered with a beautiful laminate. The playing surface is a high-quality, regulation size foosball field. The ESPN Foosball Table also features easy-to-grip handles, levelers for an even playing surface, and a ball return system – one on each side. The leg levelers ensure the table stays even and high enough as your kids grow up. It also features counter balanced men, which means they’ll stay in the position you twist them into for faster play.

Counter balanced players
Has leg levelers
Official size
Be Mindful
90 day warranty
What Reviewers Said

Many users said the table looks great when set up, which took most people a couple hours. One reviewer said the instructions need to be followed carefully to ensure there is no error during setup as this will affect play.

foosball table
Make: Manuf. wood • Size: ~54 x 27 x 33″ • Weight: 55 lbs • Colors: 2

We love the way foosball brings people together. We also love the friendly competition foosball brings out. The Hurricane 54” Foosball Table is the perfect combination of style and performance, and it’s built to withstand the rigors of competitive play. The 54” size and two color options (dark walnut or light cherry) make it a great choice for any game room. And the table comes with four foosballs so you never have to worry about losing one. Leg levelers and a six-month warranty are just icing on the cake.

6 month warranty
Leg levelers
Counter balanced players
Be Mindful
Laminate can peel
What Reviewers Said

Setup took about as long as most other full size tables on our list. Most users said the pieces seemed lightweight out of the box but felt sturdy when set up. Most reviews refer to how much fun the customers have had with their families on the table and how happy they are with their purchase.

blue led foosball table
Make: Engin. wood, steel • Size: 58 x 31 x 34 • Weight: 116.7 lbs • Colors: 1

With its bright, colorful in-rail LEDs, the Azure is sure to liven up the room. It’s perfect for any game room, basement, bar or garage, and is built with a sturdy alloy steel base. The light-up, electronic score keepers ensure a fair game. And it glows in the dark to add an extra level of excitement to any night game. With its sleek design and unique features, the Azure is sure to be the centerpiece of the room. So whether you’re looking for a fun addition to your game room or a unique way to entertain guests, this foosball table has everything you need.

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LED lights
Digital scoring
Music and sound effects
Be Mindful
Have to charge the LED balls
What Reviewers Said

Most users said this is a solid product that they found easy to assemble. The table comes with extras such as LED lights and auto scoring that the customers felt were beneficial and gave the table an edge over others on the market.

folding foosball table
Make: MDF, steel • Size: 48 x 24 x 32 • Weight: 53 lbs • Colors: 1

The Monarch 48″ table combines a unique design with a lifetime warranty. This table is built with an MDF wood frame and steel rods for sturdy gameplay. KICK even offers free rod lubricant if you request it. The Monarch is also easy to set up and take down, thanks to its wheels and foldable design. This means that you can have all the fun of foosball without taking up valuable space in your home. Just fold it up and store it away when not in use. The foosball table comes with a lifetime warranty.

Space saving – foldable
Lifetime warranty
Free rod lubricant
Be Mindful
Smaller than standard size
What Reviewers Said

Many customers felt this table was good value for the money but not as sturdy as non-folding foosball tables. The setup can be time consuming but customer service is helpful. The reviews refer to the folding feature positively and feel this is good for storage especially in small spaces.

kick legend foosball table
Make: MDF, steel • Size: 55 x 30 x 36 • Weight: 143 lbs • Colors: 3

The KICK Legend 55″ Foosball Table is a beautifully designed piece of equipment that will transport you back to a time when foosball was first gaining popularity. This table is built with MDF and features counter balanced men, which ensure faster and easier gameplay. The steel rods and easy grip handles create a super smooth gaming experience. KICK is one of the best brands in foosball tables and they offer lifetime support with all their tables. With its classic design in your choice of three colors (brown, black or gray), this foosball table is a great addition to any game room.

3 color choices
Leg levelers
Official size
Be Mindful
Long setup process
What Reviewers Said

Nearly all agreed that this is a solid foosball table. There are mixed reviews regarding the assembly as it took most people two to three hours to set it up. However, customers with updated reviews are happy with the life span of the table. The lifetime warranty and customer service were also a big plus.


Valley Dynamo Tornado Foosball Table

Treat Yourself (Official)
tornado foosball table
Make: Wood • Size: 56 x 30 x 36″ • Weight: 225 lbs • Colors: 1

The Tornado Foosball Table is the tournament quality table that will take your foosball game to the next level. With its sleek design and durable construction, this table is built to last. This pro style table is what you’d find in a bar or at a foosball tournament and is the perfect addition to any arcade or serious player’s game room. It’s also the perfect centerpiece for any social event. So whether you’re hosting a party or just gathering around with friends, this regulation size foosball table will provide hours of entertainment.

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Highest quality table
Counter balanced players
Leg levelers
Be Mindful
Pricey and heavy
What Reviewers Said

Top of the line, very sturdy and great value for the money were the most common mentions. It’s referred to as a pro style table due to the build, size and feel. Setup was also easy for most. Of all the tables on our list, this one had the highest marks for quality. Some reviews also said the company has great customer service.

foosball table
Make: MDF, steel, carbon fiber • Size: 54 x 30 x 34 • Weight: 117 lbs • Colors: 1

Fun for the whole family, the Soccer Foosball Table and Balls Set is perfect for any game room. With its slick design and strong steel and carbon construction, this table is built to last for years. The set comes with everything you need to get started, including two foosball balls, steel rods and players. The legs also come with levelers to guarantee an even playing surface. And the table has a classic bead system for easy scoring. Whether you’re playing against friends or family, this foosball table set is sure to provide hours of fun.

Lifetime warranty
Counter balanced players
Kit to do 1 or 3 goalies
Be Mindful
Tricky setup
What Reviewers Said

Users feel that you get good value for the money with this foosball table. It has been used by a range of ages and all have enjoyed it. Assembly of the product can take a couple of hours, but customers are happy with the final product.

Foosball Table Buying GuideHow to Choose the Perfect One

Who doesn’t love a good game of foosball? As most of us know, foosball is just like playing soccer, except you control the players using spinning rods that enable them to kick and block the ball. In fact, foosball also goes by the names, “baby football” or “table soccer.”

Whether you are looking to increase your skills at the game, challenge some friends and family members to fun games, or give the grandkids something to do when they stay the night, a foosball table will be an excellent addition to your home.

There are several things to take into account when buying a foosball table, including space, type, parts, and budget.

Read on to learn everything you will need to know before buying your first foosball table.

General Use

Who will be playing foosball the most, and to what extent will they be playing? Will it be for your grandkids? Or will it be for a teen youth group at church or school? Maybe it’s an addition to an adult’s game night.

Whatever the case may be, it may impact what type of table you will want to get.

A tabletop, multi-game or lower-priced model would be perfect for starters or young kids. Beginners will be able to have fun without being overly competitive or worrying about the rules of the game too much.

Intermediate players tend to get a little more competitive but in a fun way. Teens and adults will be harder on the foosball table and put more use into it than younger children will.

Therefore, it would be better to think about getting a mid-priced, standard size table or a foldable version if it will mostly be used by older kids or adults.

Advanced foosball players are those that have been playing for years and may even enter tournaments, often traveling to compete when they can.

High-level players will expect everyone to follow all of the rules, and will expect everything to be fair.

If you are buying a table for an advanced player, make sure to go for a regulation (full) size table made from wood.

Types of Foosball Tables

Once you have an idea of the general use of your new foosball table, it is time to start thinking about which type of foosball table you would like to get. Each type has its own pros and cons, and each type serves its own purpose.


Standard foosball tables allow for more serious games to take place. Stand-alone foosball tables are usually sturdier, allowing players to bump into the table without having much effect or damage.

Not only are they stronger, but they are also usually of better quality than other types of foosball tables.

You are also more likely to be able to get custom players on these tables. Imagine playing foosball with your favorite soccer team’s jerseys on your players!


Are you a person who enjoys multi-use pieces of furniture? Some foosball tables come with several, interchangeable boards and parts that allow you to play all different types of games. Some of the common options are listed below.

  • Ping pong
  • Pool
  • Air hockey
  • Arcade style basketball
  • Checkers / chess
  • Shuffleboard

It should be noted that even though these are higher priced, multi-use (combo) foosball tables are not the best choice for serious players. They are usually made from lower quality materials and are not built for heavy use.

However, if you’d rather mix it up and have something for everyone, this is what you’re looking for.


A tabletop foosball table is meant to sit on top of an existing table, the floor or any hard surface and be put away when you are done playing with it.

They’re like mini versions of the real thing. These are meant for kids and light use.


Maybe you are thinking a foosball table will go nicely in your bar, arcade or bowling alley, or you just want to charge the kids.

A coin-operated foosball table is more costly, but they are some of the sturdiest and best quality foosball tables on the market.

Since these are usually put in bars, they are made to be able to withstand major wear and tear. If you need to make a profit off your foosball table, you may want to consider one of these.

Outdoor Tables

Have you been thinking about putting a table in your backyard or on the patio? Make sure that you buy an outdoor foosball table, as well as the right protection from the weather.

You may also want to think about getting a cover for it or using some weather treatment. This way it won’t be as affected by rain, humidity, or excess sun.

European & Spanish Style

Believe it or not, American foosball has some slight differences from European foosball.

In American foosball, there are three goalies trying to stop the ball from going in the goal. In Euro foosball, there is only one.

Three goalies will help speed up the game and make it more exciting, but more serious players will usually want to play with only one goalie.

American foosball players are usually made out of a sturdier material than those used on European tables.

There are also Spanish model tables, which have a curved surface that draws the ball back to the center of the table. The players also have two feet instead of one rounded foot making it harder to control.

How Much Space Do I Need?

Now that you have an idea of the types of foosball tables on the market, it is time to decide which size foosball table would work best for you. The sizes that foosball tables come in are:

  • Standard (Full-Sized)
  • Foldable
  • Tabletop

Standard Size

Standard foosball tables are 56 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 36 inches tall. But you also want to take into account how far the rods pull back and where the players will stand.

Ideally, you want at least two to three feet on each side. If you’re thinking about how it might fit, make sure you have a space at least eight feet wide for comfort.


If you are even shorter on space than that, another option is a foldable foosball table. These are great if you plan on setting it up in a den or an already crowded space. This allows you to quickly and easily fold it up and store it out of sight when not in use.

When these tables are set up, they measure just a bit smaller than full size tables: about 50 inches long, 26 inches wide, and 32 inches high.

However, when folded up, these foosball tables measure only about a foot long. These numbers can differ by a few inches on some models.


For the smallest of spaces, or for someone who just does not want to deal with a larger foosball table, there are tabletop foosball tables. These come between 20 and 40 inches long and can be stored in a closet.

Tabletop versions can be placed on a dining room or console table. Some even come as part of a coffee table.


Where you plan on putting the foosball table is also another important thing to think about, since this will tell you how much space you have to set it up.

One of the more popular places to put a foosball table is, of course, a personal game room.

Is your game room already too crowded? The good thing about a foosball table is that it is less than half the size of a pool or ping-pong table and it fits easily in most rooms.

They’re also much lighter so you can move them out of the way when they’re not being used.

Of course, you may want to think about giving away any items in your game room that you no longer use so that your new foosball table has plenty of space.

You can also rearrange your current furniture in your den or man cave, or just completely remodel a space into a brand new game room.

Perhaps you are thinking of converting your garage into a game room. This means that you will have plenty of space to set it up without having to worry about bumping into other things.

Just be sure to check the humidity. Wood can be easily warped by moisture in the air. Go for an outdoor table if the garage is your only option.

The playing fields on wooden foosball tables are fairly soft, which can slow the ball down if they get wet.

Foosball Table Parts

Rods, leg levelers, players and balls can all affect the play of the game and are important to consider.

Rods & Handles

There are three main types of rods to consider when buying a foosball table:

  • Solid
  • Hollow
  • Telescope

Solid rods will be longer-lasting. They are, as the name suggests, basically a long piece of metal with the players attached to them, so there is not a lot that can be done to seriously damage these rods. Since they are more durable, they give you much better control of your players.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, hollow rods are steel on the outside, and empty on the inside.

They are lighter-weight, which means that they will allow you to move your players quicker, though with less control.

Telescoping rods are great if you do not have a lot of room to work with. Basically, these rods contract inside themselves and don’t extend beyond the opponent’s side of the table. They sound great in theory, but they are usually costlier and break more quickly.

Pro tip: Apply a silicone lubricant (not WD-40) to the rods each month and move them back and forth so they don’t stick during games.

Leg Levelers

Are you getting a foosball table for your kids or grandkids? Leg levelers are a nice add-on. These allow you to change the height of your foosball table so that it is never too tall or short.

Your kids will be able to play on the same table all the way through adulthood. Just have someone help you lift each leg and twist the “foot” until it sits at the right height.


The players are sometimes called foosmen, guys or figures. They usually come in human or robot style players. The look of the players doesn’t affect play all that much but the style of feet can impact the game.

The feet come either rounded or grooved. The grooved style gives you more ball control and can be found on higher-end tables.

This is one more thing to consider. Basically, if you have counterbalanced players, your players will remain in the position they were left in when you let go of the handle.

This improves play since you can set up plays more easily. You don’t have to worry about kicking the ball right into the backs of the legs of your other players.

This gives you have a better chance of kicking the ball all the way down the field and scoring.

The difference in the weight of the players can impact the game, so make sure that you feel comfortable with the players that you have.


Remember to have coasters or cup holders near the foosball table so that you will not be tempted to leave your drink on the edge of the table.

This can not only cause moisture rings but there is also a great chance that your drink will be spilled on the foosball table during gameplay.

Any excess moisture can warp the playing field, making it difficult to play.


If you have already decided what type of foosball table you want, it may affect the type of material that your foosball table will be made out of.

More durable materials, of course, will be more costly than those that are less so. Moreover, different parts of the foosball table might be made out of different materials.

If you want something that will last for a long time, you’ll want to buy one of the higher-end models made of solid wood.


Solid wood is one of the more dependable options for your foosball table. Of course, just like anything that is made from solid wood, it will need to be protected.

The best place for a solid wood foosball table is inside your house, away from the sun, rain and humidity. These can all negatively affect your foosball table by causing fading and cracking.

Any moisture can also cause your foosball table to expand, which will damage your table. Giving your foosball table a yearly coat of protection will help shield it from the elements.

Engineered Wood

MDF, plywood and particle board are man-made woods and are frequently used for foosball tables.

These materials are made by taking wood chips and sawdust and mixing them with resin. The mix is then pressed into the right shape.

Particle board and plywood are quite flimsy, very light and have thin wall construction.

If you decide to get a foosball table that is made out of an engineered wood, make sure that it’s only meant for light use since rough game play can damage these tables.

For those on a budget who only plan on less use, particle board and plywood are a good option. For a similar look with more durability, consider a table made from MDF.

Plastic & PVC

Will your foosball table be going in the backyard, on the patio or in the garage? If so, your best bet would probably be to get a foosball table made of enginereed wood and PVC.

With these materials, you will be able to escape much of the threat of your foosball table warping from the heat or humidity.

Most standard tables are made from a combo of wood (man-made or solid), metal and PVC. Solid wood won’t hold up as well outdoors, though.

Another part of your foosball table to think about is the playing surface. It would be of no use to get the nicest, solid wood table if the playing surface is not on par.

Playing Surface

Playing surfaces usually come in either laminate or tempered glass. These both provide some of the smoothest, fastest game play and are the best choice for high use tables. Most also come with decals built into the surface.

Some lower end tables come with stickers that you stick on yourself. But anyone who has ever had a toddler with a sticker book knows that stickers do not always stay where they were stuck.

The same thing will happen with your foosball table. After a game, you will realize that what was once a goal-line is now stuck to a player’s foot.

This can also make the surface less smooth and sticky, which will impact the game. Skip this hassle. Get a foosball table with a laminate playing surface.

Also, the harder the playing surface, the faster your foosball will move down the field.

If you are playing with mostly beginners, it will be fine to get a particle board playing surface (as long as the foosball table will be inside).

However, if you and your competition are a little more serious about the game, you’ll want to consider getting a foosball table with a harder surface, such as solid wood.

Whatever type you go for, remember to wipe your table down each month with a dry cloth. This ensures the smoothest play.

For more stubborn dirt, you can put a little rubbing alcohol on a rag (not on the table) and scrub the difficult spot. You can do the same for the players and balls.


The cheapest of new foosball tables usually start at around $30 for a mini table top version. These are great for small kids. Most standard tables perfect for home use will fall in the $200 to $1,000 range.

Bear in mind that if you opt for one on the low end of that range, you are more than likely going to have some of the issues above, and probably none of the add-ons that were talked about.

If you’re looking to buy a top of the line table, you can expect to pay $2,000+. These come with the fastest surface, smoothest balls and sturdiest rods. This allows for better ball control and game play.

Tornado and Kick are two well-known high-quality brands. The good thing with a brand name table is that parts are easy to find, including new players, rods and balls.

It’s sometimes possible to find a used table in the area. However, as is the case when purchasing anything used, there are some things to be wary of.

The players or rods could have cracked or weakened over time. Quickly spinning the rods a few times might not give you an accurate idea of the condition of the table.

New tables come with a warranty and give you peace of mind. They’re easy to get new parts for and you don’t have to worry about things breaking quickly.

Who knew there were so many things to think about after deciding to buy a foosball table?

Just know that whichever model you decide to get, it will get a lot of use and there will be good times shared around it. No matter what your budget is, there is a foosball table for you.

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