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There is no better way to enjoy the outdoors than by gathering around a cozy fire pit with friends and family. There’s something about the crisp air and the smell of wood smoke that just makes everything feel better. If you don’t have a fire pit of your own, now is a great time to get one. We’ve put together a guide and a list of the 10 best fire pits to help you choose.


Outland Living Propane Gas Firebowl

Best Overall / Seller
Make: Alloy, stainless steel • Size: 19 x 19 x 11″ • Weight: 23 lbs • Fuel: Propane

This propane smokeless fire pit is ideal for any outdoor gathering, whether you’re tailgating, camping, or simply spending time in your backyard. With its convenient portability and easy setup, the Firebowl 893 Deluxe is ready to go right out of the box. The fire pit comes with a carrying kit, propane tank connection hose and a lava rock set to make your fires glow.

Plus, the included cover ensures that your fire pit will be protected from the elements when not in use. And because it’s smokeless, you can even use it during campfire bans. So whether you’re roasting marshmallows with the family or simply enjoying a relaxing evening by the fire, this fire pit from Outland Living is the best all-around model we’ve found.

58,000 BTUs (very warm)
Also comes in 21 and 24″ sizes
Lightweight and portable
Be Mindful
Keep lava rocks dry
What Reviewers Said

Reviews were overwhelmingly positive. A lot of reviewers found this to be a great alternative to actual fires, due to the fire bans. One tester commented on how they like how the fire can be stopped and started on demand, and more than a few users appreciated that the intensity could also be controlled.

Make: Steel, resin • Size: 24 x 30 x 30″ • Weight: ~73 lbs • Fuel: Propane

The sun never sets on summer or dinner when you have a fire pit table. Stay warm long into the night as you roast s’mores, eat delicious meals and make memories with friends and family. This durable fire pit table is made to withstand the elements and the test of time. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your backyard or patio, and its propane-powered design means that you can use it without worrying about wood or smoke. The hidden propane tank, included lava rocks and adjustable flame just enhance the beauty of this piece and the fire. The company recommends a 20 pound gas tank, which is good for a six hour fire. The fire pit table includes a bronze finish, a cover and a one-year warranty.

Note: Lava rocks can crack if wet. To prevent this, stand far back or inside and let a low flame burn once for 45 minutes when the fire pit first arrives. This will dry up any moisture that might have found its way in. After that, just remember to keep it out of the rain.

30,000 BTUs
Hidden propane tank
Be Mindful
Lava rocks can crack if wet
What Reviewers Said

Quite a few reviewers liked the appearance. A couple said to put it in a shed or garage in the off-season to prevent the paint from peeling. A lot of reviewers said it was easy to assemble. Some reviewers have swapped out the rocks to match their decor more, so it is versatile. One user described it as romantic.

Make: Steel, stone • Size: ~34 x 34 x 24″ • Weight: 52 lbs • Fuel: Wood

The Amazon Basics 34-Inch Natural Stone Fire Pit is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space. This fire pit features a strong steel base and a spark screen to help keep ashes and embers contained. It also has a natural stone finish that will complement your outdoor décor. You have the option of round or square and the pit comes with a fire poker and log grate to keep the flame going. It’s also fairly lightweight, which makes moving it from one place to another a breeze. The fire pit also comes in 24 and 32 inch models.

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24 and 32″ models as well
Includes a spark screen
Comes with a log grate
Be Mindful
Fire tool (poker) doesn’t last
What Reviewers Said

There were many positive comments on the durability, quality, and look. One user described it as beautiful and sturdy, but said to keep it out of the rain to prevent rust. Reviews also mentioned that it is lightweight and easy to move. While there is some setup required, this seems to be no problem for most people. Overall, it’s a good value for the price.

Make: Alloy steel • Size: 22 x 22 x 20″ • Weight: 11 lbs • Fuel: Wood

You don’t have to break the bank to get a fire pit that will last you for years. With a sleek design and durable build, this fire pit is perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a cozy night at home. The steel frame supports a wood burning pit that can be used for barbecuing, warmth or both. The fire pit comes with a variety of features, such as a spark screen and a log grate. At just 11 pounds and under $60, this portable, easy-to-use fire pit is perfect for camping, tailgating, or just relaxing in the backyard. It’s also the most affordable model on our list.

Lightweight and portable
Includes a spark screen
Also 24, 26 and 29″ models
Be Mindful
100 lb weight cap
What Reviewers Said

Most customers loved its small size and said that it was lightweight and portable although slightly less sturdy than other models. Many also said it was easy to set up and a good value for the money. One reviewer said to keep it covered or out of the rain to prevent the bowl from filling or rusting.

Make: Steel • Size: 20 x 30 x 30″ • Weight: ~31 lbs • Fuel: Wood

This fire pit features a durable steel construction that won’t rust and is built to last. It also comes with a valuable spark screen and cover, which helps to protect against flying embers and a poker to keep the fire going strong all night. The moon and stars design on the side adds some flare and the metal ring around the edge makes it easy to transport. The fire pit burns wood as fuel and includes a log grate.

Star and moon designs
Includes log grate and poker
Spark screen and cover
Be Mindful
30 day warranty
What Reviewers Said

Most people had no trouble assembling the fire pit although some found it tricky to attach the outer ring. A lot of people loved the space design, and one user really liked the glow from behind the star and moon cutouts.

Make: Stainless steel • Size: 22 x 22 x 17″ • Weight: 20 lbs • Fuel: Wood

This fire pit from Solo Stove raised over $1 million on Kickstarter. The Bonfire is a smokeless, 19.5 inch stainless steel outdoor fire pit perfect for those who love spending time outdoors, whether it’s in their backyard or at the campsite. With its easy-to-use design and durable construction, this pit will provide warmth for years. What’s great is the fire pit is fueled by wood, so there is no need for gas or propane. The design of this model burns super efficiently so all you’re left with is ash rather than half burnt logs. There’s also very little smoke because of how clean it burns. The fire pit is very light at 20 pounds and comes with a carry case so you can take it with you wherever you go. For a little more, you can get one with an ash pan and base plate. Otherwise, you can just flip the fire pit over to empty it.

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Very little smoke
Includes a carry case
Lifetime warranty
Be Mindful
Turn upside down to empty
What Reviewers Said

Its main selling point was arguably the smokeless factor, and the majority of users positively mentioned that. People also loved how much heat was emitted. A reviewer noted that its much safer than an open campfire. Other reviews mention that it is quick and easy to light, and easy to travel with.

Make: Stainless steel • Size: 25 x 25 x 19″ • Weight: 45 lbs • Fuel: Wood

Lugging a heavy, bulky fire pit around is a pain, and dealing with smoky ashes is a messy hassle. That’s why we added this low smoke fire pit from Tiki to our top 10. Made from stainless steel, this fire pit is both lightweight and easy to set up and take down. Plus, it comes with a cloth cover to keep sparks away from you and your guests and an ash pan for easy cleanup. Whether you’re eating marshmallows with the kids or enjoying a glass of wine around the fire with friends, this low smoke fire pit from Tiki is the perfect way to make any outdoor gathering more memorable.

Strong heat
Includes cover and wood pack
Easy setup
Be Mindful
Uses wood or pellets
What Reviewers Said

A lot of people like the look of this fire pit, with quite a few users also mentioning that it is easy to use. Reviews said it was almost completely smokeless, with many praising the lack of smoke smell because of it. Many people said it was an excellent value for the money and created a great ambiance.

Make: Stainless steel • Size: ~13 x 15 x 15″ • Weight: 15 lbs • Fuel: Wood

This is the more compact version of our Best Smokeless model. People rated it so highly we had to put it on the list again. This fire pit is designed to be as efficient as possible, burning wood quickly and evenly to create a strong fire every time. With its unique design, it allows for a complete burn, which means less smoke and ash, and more heat. Just light it with a match or lighter and it burns for hours. When you’re done just flip it over and bury the ultra-fine ashes. Whether you’re looking to tell ghost stories with the kids or relax by a cozy fire on a cold night, this fire pit will help you make the most of your time outdoors.

Lifetime warranty
Smokeless design
Easy setup
Be Mindful
Turn upside down to empty
What Reviewers Said

The most common mention was the fire pit’s small size, which makes it easy to transport and stow away. Also frequently mentioned was the lack of smoke and easy cleaning. A lot of users praised its look and design as well.

Make: Concrete • Size: 5 x 5 x 3.5″ • Weight: ~5 lbs • Fuel: Rubbing alcohol

With this tabletop fire pit, you can bring the beauty and warmth of a fire into any room in your house. It runs on 70 or 91% rubbing alcohol, which at just a couple bucks a bottle, makes it very cost-effective. It’s also portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. Whether you’re headed to the beach or the park, you can enjoy a cozy fire without having to lug around a heavy and bulky fire pit. It’s just what you want to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about the smoke and ashes of a traditional wood-burning fire. Did we mention it works on windy days, too?

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What Reviewers Said

Many reviews spoke positively of the design, and enjoyed how the fire pit could be used both inside and outside the house. Most users say the flame lasts for quite a while, but a few others say the alcohol runs out pretty fast. Nearly everyone found it easy to use.

Make: Cast iron • Size: 15 x 48 x 15″ • Weight: 71 lbs • Fuel: Propane

Not only will this fire pit make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood, it will also give you a chance to relax and enjoy the outdoors. This propane fired pit is made with cast iron in your choice of two finishes and comes with everything you need to enjoy a cozy fire in your backyard. It’s weather resistant, so you can enjoy it all year long, and the adjustable flame means you can customize your experience with the click of a button. The set comes with two pieces – a rectangular fire pit and a propane tank holder that doubles as an end table. With a stylish design and easy-to-use features, this pit is the perfect addition to any backyard.

Tank holder is an end table
50,000 BTUs
Adjustable flame size
Be Mindful
90 day warranty
What Reviewers Said

Quite a few reviewers said the propane tank side table and lava rocks were a nice touch. Most said the fire pit was also easy to put together. Many users loved the sturdiness and commented on how good the quality is after lasting several seasons.

Fire Pit Buying GuideHow to Choose the Perfect One

If you are looking for an addition to your outdoor space, something that will provide warmth and offer a central area for socializing, consider a fire pit.

Fire pits have become a staple in outdoor living spaces. They provide a great sense of warmth and create a relaxing space for social gatherings.

Fire pits appeal to kids, family and friends. They provide a comfortable area you can hang around, kick back, relax, enjoy the stars, or cook a delicious meal. They can be used in all seasons and for a variety of reasons.

If you are considering purchasing a fire pit for your outdoor space, you may feel flooded with options. Questions of fuel type, style, shape, price, and material are likely to arise quickly.

Fear not—this comprehensive guide will walk you through the factors and steps to consider before investing in your very own fire pit.

Fire Pit Types

One of the most important things to take into account is the style of the fire pit you will be getting.

Do you want a basic fire pit? Perhaps something grand that would serve as the focal point of your backyard? Something tall and mighty that offers you the ability to cook over? Let’s look at a basic overview of the many styles that fire pits can be found in.

Classic Fire Pit

The classic fire pit is the most common design on the market. These come in many shapes and styles. They can be built right onto a patio with stones, metal or wood.

Oftentimes, these fire pits are flush with the ground, but some do come with short legs and space below for items like lighters, kindling, fluid and pokers. These are classic designs that can be seen in many venues, backyards and outdoor spaces.

Tabletop Fire Pit

Tabletop fire pits are small in comparison to bowls and standard models. These designs are usually placed in the center of a table to create a beautiful focal point.

If you want calm ambience in a smaller space, consider buying a tabletop fire pit. Tabletop fire pits offer subtle light and heat.

Fire Bowl

A fire bowl pit is a more unique, circular shaped design. Fire pit bowls do not have nearly as much space for storage as a standard fire pit does. However, these abstract designs make a wonderful statement on your lawn or patio.

This is a great style if you are looking for a bold design. Fire bowls are easily portable and can be moved around your yard very easily. These are not practical designs for cooking, however.

Fire Pit Table

This model is a table with a fire pit built right in. This is a great addition to a patio, and comes in many styles to match the design of your furniture. Some models come with pits you can swap out to reflect the season or holiday.

If you need to complete a furniture set and are looking to include a fire pit in your setup, consider going with a fire pit table. It meets all of your needs in one stylish design.

Fire pit tables are a fun way to cook simple foods over and can be a suitable and sheltered way for kids to participate, as well.

Fire Pit Grill

Fire pit grills are the perfect combo of warmth and cooking. In this design, there is a wood burning fire located below a cooktop.

This design allows you the luxury of enjoying a warm fire, cooking a hot meal, or both at once. If you are someone who enjoys cooking outdoors, consider a fire pit grill.

DIY Fire Pit

If you want to get creative and have the most room for customizations, consider going the DIY route when it comes to getting a fire pit.

DIY fire pits can be rather affordable and easy to complete on your own. Wood fire pits can be made with a piece of metal, screws and some wood.

For a gas pit, you will need the main pieces which include a pan, a burner and hardware. Additionally, you will need the proper gas system and a way to ignite the fire. This means there will need to be a propane tank or a gas line to the spot you want the fire pit to live.

This can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are kits that you can use to build your fire pit, called fire pit kits.

You can install this yourself but be careful. If the gas pressure is off in the pit, it could be extremely dangerous when you go to ignite the fire.

When taking the DIY route, ensure that you have an expert inspect your gas lines to make sure it can handle your setup.

Fire Pit Fuel

Fire pits offer a variety of functions and a range of styles, so you are sure to find one suitable for all your needs.

Traditionally, fire pits were limited to wood as the only fuel source. Today, there are a few different fuel types. A wood fire pit is the classic style. However, other models exist, such as gas and pellet fire pits.

Wood Fire Pits

The most popular source for fuel is wood. Wood offers the classic smell and sound of a nighttime campfire. Throw in some hot cocoa, marshmallows and hot dogs to roast, and it’s the perfect excursion in the comfort of your backyard.

Wood burning fire pits offer many benefits. For example, wood burning fire pits are the cheapest pit on the market.

They can easily be transported, allowing the warmth from the fire to be generated anywhere. Since they only require wood as their fuel source, they are also relatively cheap to maintain.

Additionally, wood burns long and generates the strongest heat of any fire pit. Wood burners are a great choice for an outdoor space, especially if you intend to use it in the winter months.

Wood fire pits can also be a bit more hands on. For example, you must manually start the fire each time you use the fire pit and ensure the fire ignites. You will also have to clean up and dispose of the ash after each use.

Of course, you will also have to supply the fire pit with wood. Whether you purchase wood to burn or cut your own logs, wood fire pits require labor to maintain.

There are a fair amount of hazards that come along with burning wood, so be sure you can tend to the fire while it is burning. If you have small children or pets, you’ll want a wood fire pit that is higher up to avoid anything falling into it.

Wood burning fire pits cannot be placed on other wooden structures, such as patios, decks or gazebos. It’s safest when they are placed directly on the ground, far away from any fire hazards.

Gas Fire Pits

Gas fire pits give you the greatest amount of convenience. They are the perfect choice if you do not want to deal with the labor of building and putting out fires with each use.

Additionally, there is little to no mess when using a gas fire pit. If easy clean up is important, this may be the fire pit for you. All a gas fire pit requires is a natural gas hook up or a propane tank and a lighter.

Gas fire pits are a great option to protect pets and kids. They are easy to ignite and put out. If you are inexperienced when it comes to making and containing fires, consider going with a gas fire pit.

With the touch of a button and some gas, you can have a fire up and running. You no longer have to worry about wood or keeping the fire burning. Gas fire pits do it all for you.

Propane gas fire pits tend to be much smaller than their counterparts and can be easily relocated from place to place.

Natural gas fire pits, on the other hand, are hooked up to a gas line and are not meant to be moved.

Gas fire pits can be used for cooking but shouldn’t be. Food can drop onto and clog the burner or make a mess in the bowl.

If roasting marshmallows is important to you, consider exploring other fire pit options like wood, fire pit grills or pellet models that are safe for cooking. If it’s just a stylish piece with little upkeep you want, gas fire pits are the way to go.

Pellet Fire Pits

Pellet fire pits require wood-burning pellets. These pits are simple to use but not as common or well-known as wood and gas fire pits. Pellet pits are convenient and do not require all of the upkeep of a wood stove.


Now that you have explored your options when it comes to style and fuel type, it is important to think about the material you want your fire pit to be made out of.

The material is important because it makes all the difference in the life span of your fire pit, the amount it will cost, and the maintenance required to keep it.

Fire pits come in a variety of materials of different costs and qualities. Steel, copper, aluminum, and concrete are among the most popular, each with its own look and durability. Let’s explore these and some other common ones.


There are many kinds of steel that are used to make fire pits. Steel is a highly preferred material for fire pits because it can be molded into nearly any shape.

Many types of steel are stained and the quality and price for this material can vary quite a bit.

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and harsh weather and the condition can be maintained for years. Hot rolled, rusted or powder-coated steel are also good options. Rusted steel is great for a rustic look while the powder coat version tends to last the longest.


Copper is a bright metal that easily complements a unique outdoor space. It’s a great material for a fire pit because it is very strong and does not rust easily. It can, though, turn green over time. You’ll want to apply a treatment to maintain the color.

Copper is also a great material to cook over. Copper conducts heat very well, cooks food evenly and is even safer than stainless steel.


Aluminum is incredibly easy to maintain and does not rust. Aluminum is also light, has a very high melting point and is easy to move from spot to another. Many portable designs are made of aluminum.

Cast aluminum, for example, is designed specifically for the outdoors. It is made by melting aluminum and then pouring it into a mold. It is a bit heavier than regular aluminum but is still easy to move.

Stone & Concrete

There are a few types of stone and concrete fire pits. Concrete is heavy but very resistant to weather. This would be used if you had no intention of ever moving the pit.

For these models, stones are laid across a steel frame for extra sturdiness. The best thing about stone is that it doesn’t rust or need much upkeep.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) mixes concrete, glass and polymers to create a super strong, lightweight material.

GFRC fire pits weigh about 80% less than standard concrete pits but are just as durable at a fraction of the cost. They are also more eco-friendly and can be dyed to create just about any color you’d like.

Plastic Lumber (HDPE)

HDPE is used for everything from boats and decks to outdoor furniture. It’s made from recycled plastic and is very strong. It also has a high melting point and can withstand harsh weather and wear and tear.

Although it sounds like a combo of wood and plastic, it will never rot, splinter, warp or rust. Plastic lumber fire pits are easy to clean, long-lasting and cheaper than many other types.

Shape and Décor

Fire pit shape is not as crucial of a factor as the others. However, shape is heavily dependent on your style.

Standard square and rectangle shapes are great choices for classic yards or spaces, but a circular, oval or abstract design could dazzle as a centerpiece.

If you want to add a few final details to your fire pit setup, consider some décor. This includes any unique items you want to place within the pit or special textured glass or shapes to show off the flames. The sky is the limit here.


It is no surprise that fire pits offer a great amount of fun, relaxation, and warmth. The memories you can make around a fire are endless and offer enjoyment for years.

However, keep in mind these few considerations surrounding your new fire pit. While they can be relaxing, fire pits can be dangerous if not used responsibly.

Always use common sense and your best judgement when operating a fire pit. Make sure everyone in your home knows how to properly care for the fire and the pit itself.

To prevent anything from catching fire, remove twigs, branches and any other flammable item within a 15 foot range. Be careful of children near fire pits, and always keep a fire extinguisher, hose or bucket of water within 20 feet of the fire pit.

If you have kids or pets, place the fire pit in a higher location to reduce any potential harm. You always want to ensure that all guests are aware of how to remain safe.

It is recommended that prior to purchase and installation of your fire pit, you check with your local officials for the rules and regulations for fire pits near you. The placement of your fire pit may be dependent on local codes. In some places, fines will be imposed for those who do not adhere to the rules.

According to the HPBA, fire pits can never be placed indoors, on a wood deck, too close to a home, or under an overhang. All of these measures are ways to minimize risk and injury.


Something else to consider when purchasing a new fire pit is the warranty. Does the fire pit come with a warranty? Is this something you should add on to your purchase? Do you want to protect yourself from any future damages?

Make sure that you are protected if some sort of damage occurs to your fire pit. Warranties can be great solutions for unexpected problems.

Final Thoughts

Fire pits are a lovely addition to an outdoor space. They bring an exciting life to an otherwise dull, dark, and cold space. Fire pits attract a crowd and allows them to enjoy the warmth, relax, tell stories, make food, and cozy up on a chilly night.

What was once solely a means of survival is now a staple of comfort and design. Fire pits come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, models, and fuel types.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with your options so you can make a well-informed decision. There is certain to be a design on the market for you to complement your treasured space.

If you want a classic approach to a fire pit, consider a standard wood fire pit that you can use for warmth and cooking. If functionality is your biggest concern, consider a portable or tabletop fire pit. If you are solely concerned with the design, consider a fire pit bowl or an abstract design that can be the centerpiece for your space.

You also want to be aware of the rules in your area when it comes to outdoor fires to avoid any harm or fines.

Finally, be aware of where you position your fire pit if you live with pets or children to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

Fire pits are a wonderful way to gather and spend time with friends and family outside. After having reviewed this guide, you should be set to find the perfect one for you and your family.

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