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Your bedroom should be a haven that you love spending time in, and one way to make it extra special is by adding a dresser. Not only will it give you a place to store your clothes and keep your bedroom tidy, but it can also serve as a stylish piece that ties the room together.

There are a lot of great dressers on the market, but some stand out more than others. We’ve put together a guide and a list of the 10 best dressers on the market to help you choose the perfect one for your room. Check out our list below.

Make: Wood mix • Size: 19 x 56 x 37″ • Weight: 167 lbs • Colors: 2

This piece is on our list twice and for good reason. This is the version without the mirror, but it looks just as great – so we couldn’t resist. This dresser is the perfect piece of furniture for those who want to add a touch of retro style to their home. With its simple design and clean lines, this piece will complement any bedroom in the house.

The seven drawers provide more than enough space for all your clothing and accessories. The dresser is made from a mix of wood and is available in several natural finishes. It’s also equipped with metal drawer glides for smooth operation.

Dovetail joints
2 color choices
One year warranty
Be Mindful
35 lb drawer weight cap
What Reviewers Said

Nearly all agreed that this dresser is visually beautiful. The company was very responsive, replacing the piece if there were any defects. A few reviewers said the color is a little darker in person than in the pictures. The dresser came very well packaged, and didn’t need any assembly. Just a friend to help carry it in.

Make: Iron, MDF, polyester • Size: 12 x 33 x 30″ • Weight: 25 lbs • Colors: 3

This storage dresser is made from a mix of eco-frinedly materials, and is designed for anyone who wants to organize their bedroom, hallway, or any other space in their home. With five fabric units, it’s perfect for storing clothes, linens, fabric or any other items you need to keep organized.

The dresser is stylish and comes in a neutral gray to match any home décor. Best of all, the dresser is very affordable, making it a great option for budget conscious shoppers. It’s a perfect choice for teens as well. It’s rare to find such a highly rated dresser at this price.

Lightweight and portable
3 color choices
Great price
Be Mindful
Low weight cap
What Reviewers Said

This dresser is a high-quality product due to its sturdiness. Users were very pleased with the storage capacity, and many said that the dresser fits perfectly into their space. Detailed and clear instructions meant that setup was a smooth process for the buyers.

Make: Composite wood • Size: 35 x 49 x 22″ • Weight: 108 lbs • Colors: 7

When you’re a kid, your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s a place where you can be yourself, be creative, and just have fun. And we want to make sure that every kid has a bedroom that they love. That’s why we added the Delta Children Double Dresser to our list. It’s designed to be versatile, so it can grow with your child. And with six drawers, there’s plenty of room for all of their clothes, toys, and treasures.

We know that kids grow up fast, and this dresser is made to last. It’s made from pine and poplar wood and metal, so it will stand up to everything your child throws at it, from spills and stains to scratches and scuffs.

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Comes with tip over device
3 color choices
Be Mindful
25 lb drawer weight cap
90 day warranty
What Reviewers Said

A lot of customers comment on how high-quality this dresser is as well as the pretty look. Assembly was quick and easy but there are a lot of parts to put together. Quite a few people said the drawers are very deep and it is good value for the money.

Make: Wood mix • Size: 36 x 56 x 19″ • Weight: 187 lbs • Colors: 4

The Williams Dresser with Mirror is an elegant addition to any bedroom. This dresser has a sleek design that will complement any decor. The dresser has seven drawers that provide lots of storage space for clothes, linens, and other items. It also features a mirror that can be used to check yourself out as you get ready for the day or night.

The dresser is available in a variety of finishes – white, acorn, walnut or gray – so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Comes with a mirror
4 color choices
One year warranty
Be Mindful
35 lb drawer weight cap
What Reviewers Said

Customers were over the moon with how pretty this dresser is. Many said it matches the other pieces of furniture in the room. Reviewers like the color, especially those who bought the “acorn” finish. A handful of people said it was bigger in person than it looked in the pictures.

Make: Steel, MDF, fabric • Size: ~12 x 18 x 37″ • Weight: 13.6 lbs • Colors: 8

mDesign’s storage tower is the perfect storage solution for small rooms. The slim, space-saving design is perfect for tight spaces, and the four easy-pull fabric bins make it easy to access stored items.

The steel frame and MDF top make this dresser sturdy and durable, while the finish of your choice adds a touch of style. The dresser comes in pink blush or rose gold. And it can even double as a nightstand (~3 feet high) if you’re bed is on the taller side.

Space saving
8 color choices
Great price
Be Mindful
No weight cap listed
No warranty listed
What Reviewers Said

Customers love how this dresser fits into small spaces while still providing a lot of storage space with the deep-seated drawers. Some users have branded this product sturdy and reliable, but others say it is a little more unsteady. Setup was an easy process for most due to the clear directions.

Make: Wood, metal • Size: 79 x 64 x 19″ • Weight: 148 lbs • Colors: 6

This double dresser with mirror from Lockridge is a stunning piece that will add a touch of elegance to any modern or coastal bedroom. With nine drawers, there is tons of room for all your clothes and accessories.

The top of the dresser is perfect for displaying photos, candles, or other items, and the mirror makes the room look even bigger. The dresser comes in your choice of six distressed color options. It’s sure to become a favorite piece in any home.

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Made of solid wood
6 color choices
One year warranty
Be Mindful
10 lb top drawer weight cap
What Reviewers Said

This dresser is a beautiful addition to bedrooms. People were very impressed with the quality of this product saying it is very well-built and heavy to move. Overall, it was worth the price.

Make: Pine wood • Size: 18 x 64 x 42″ • Weight: 120 lbs • Colors: 2

The double dresser is a staple in any bedroom. It’s functional, it’s stylish, and it can hold a lot of clothes. This double dresser is made of solid wood, so it’s built to last. It has nine drawers, so you’ll have plenty of space to store your clothes. And it comes in a variety of finishes, so you can find the perfect match for your bedroom.

The dresser also includes a tip over kit to prevent falling and easy slide drawers. Whether you’re looking for a functional piece of furniture or a stylish addition to your decor, this dresser is a great piece for any room.

Comes with anti-tip kit
2 color choices
Lots of storage
Be Mindful
No weight cap listed
What Reviewers Said

Customers love how much extra storage space this dresser gives them. The product is a solid build, high quality and therefore good value for the money. Reviewers like the rustic style and general look of the dresser, especially in terms of color.

Make: Wood mix, nickel • Size: 33 x 60 x 18″ • Weight: 117.4 lbs • Colors: 11

Whether it’s the simple and elegant lines of a Shaker-style dresser or the more ornate details of the Victorian era, a classic dresser is the perfect foundation for any bedroom. The Hadfield 6 Drawer Double Dresser is the ideal example of quality and timeless style.

With its nickel handles and simple design, this dresser will never go out of fashion. It comes in 11 different colors so you can match it to any room in the house. With six drawers, there’s plenty of room to store clothes and all your other bedroom needs.

Dovetail joints
11 color choices
6 month warranty
Be Mindful
30 day warranty
What Reviewers Said

Most often mentioned is how elegant and beautiful the dresser is. A few reviews mention how the drawers are a little smaller than they thought. But overall, customers believe it is a high quality product for a great price.

Make: Metal, MDF, fabric • Size: 33 x 12 x 47″ • Weight: 33.6 lbs • Colors: 5

Looking for a stylish and affordable way to organize your home? Look no further than YITAHOME’s 10 drawer dresser. This versatile storage unit is perfect for any room in your house, from the bedroom to the living room to the hallway or closet.

With its 10 spacious drawers, you’ll have plenty of room to store all your belongings, and its sleek and stylish design will add a touch of sophistication to any space. Plus, it’s budget-friendly, so you can have the home you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank.

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Lightweight and portable
5 color choices
Lots of storage
Be Mindful
Low drawer weight cap
What Reviewers Said

This dresser is very easy to set up due to how lightweight and portable it is. Customers are pleased with how much storage space it offers, considering how the dresser does not take up a lot of room. A lot of reviewers mention that it fits into their closet space well.

Make: Wood mix • Size: 32 x 60 x 18″ • Weight: 150 lbs • Colors: 3

The bedroom is a sacred space. It’s a place where you can be yourself, where you can relax and let go. With six drawers and a sleek, modern design, this dresser provides ample storage for your clothes and accessories. But more importantly, it provides a beautiful reflective surface that accentuates your décor and creates a warm, inviting space.

The dresser comes with clear knob handles and three color options to match your bedroom style. So whether you’re getting ready for a night out or just lounging in your PJs, this mirrored dresser will make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Comes with anti-tip kit
5 color choices
One year warranty
Be Mindful
30 lb drawer weight cap
What Reviewers Said

The most frequent comment when describing this dresser is beautiful. Setup is a non-issue, as the only thing needed is screwing on the feet. A few users mention that they are disappointed in the drawer depth, but it is mostly said to be a high-quality piece of furniture.

Dresser Buying GuideHow to Choose the Perfect One

What is a bedroom without clothing? A closet is a great option for clothes meant to be hung. But dressers are more ideal for those garments that you want folded and tucked away.

Dressers are also a beautiful piece of furniture that outside of the bed is the focal point of the room.

Dressers allow you to keep your clothes organized in a realistic way. Dressers have many drawers than can be used to separate your clothing by item type.

Dressers don’t just have to be storage, though. They can be an elegant piece of furniture placed in a room as a focal point, too. Dressers come in a variety of sizes so it is sure to fit in your space, no matter the size restriction.

This guide will provide you will all the information you need to know before purchasing a dresser for your space. This article will review:

Types of Dressers

Dressers are different from a chest of drawers because they tend to be low and wide. Chests are normally much taller and thinner. Dressers are also normally deeper than a chest of drawers and take up more space. Common styles of dressers are:

  • Classic
  • Tallboy
  • Bureau
  • Chest of Drawers*
  • Wardrobe*

Classic Dressers

Classic dressers are the most common type. In general, these dressers are about three feet tall and have six drawers.

Most dressers split these into two columns of three drawers. This is called a bedroom chest and is a suitable option for those sharing the dresser. It creates an equal division with the same amount of space for each person to house their things.

Some dressers have smaller drawers at the top and larger ones below. These so-called graduated drawer dressers tend to be higher quality and more costly.

Generally speaking, these dressers range from 55 to 65 inches wide. This means there is additional surface space to use for other personal items or décor.

Tallboy Dressers

Tallboy or highboy dressers are as they sound—tall. Also referred to as a gentleman’s chest, tallboy dressers are tall, vertically standing structures. With four to eight drawers, you are sure to be able to fit all your clothes.

Tallboy dressers are also a great choice for two people sharing a dresser. You can put your bulky and private items in the tallboy and use the closet for clothing items that can hang.

Keep in mind that tallboys have more limited surface area. You will not be able to store as many things on top. On the flip side, they can double as a TV stand, which is great if you are short on space.

Be careful when placing these in a child’s room. Tallboys can fall over more easily than other dressers.


Bureaus are a traditional style and are not featured in bedrooms as much as they once were.

They are similar to standard dressers, but they come with a mirror on top. This mirror is typically mounted to the back of the dresser. This is a functional choice to cover two pieces of furniture in one.

Normally, bureaus have six drawers, but can come with as few as three. They go well in rustic, farmhouse or rooms with an older feel to them.


Chests are not technically dressers but many use the names to mean one and the same. Chests are taller and thinner than dressers.

They usually come with three to six drawers and are better if you have limited space in your room. Like tallboys, these should be fixed to the wall in kids’ rooms.

Lingerie Chests

Lingerie chests have the same shape as a tall dresser but are much thinner and more pleasing to the eye. They’re used to house underwear, socks and other accessories.


These are not dressers either but are a great alternative. They’re sometimes called armoires and are best for rooms without a closet.

Wardrobes have two tall doors that open to reveal shelves and bars to hang clothes on and drawers below to store folded items.

Dresser Styles

Dressers are a very versatile piece of furniture. You are sure to find a dresser in any color, shape, size, or design.

Beyond color or material, dressers can be customized in their hardware and legs, as well. Dresser hardware includes drawer handles or knobs.

Dressers come in many styles, such as modern, rustic, coastal, or mid-century. Different style dressers will have different features, ranging from their legs to their handles and shape.

A simple way to go about choosing a style is to select one that matches the rest of your room’s furniture.

Dressers tend to mature well and are usually built to last. However, furniture is not made like it used to be. Modern dressers tend to be more minimal and made from simpler materials.

Vintage dressers have the quality that isn’t found amongst furniture these days. If you want something that will last you many years, a vintage dresser is a great option for you.

If you are looking for a unique dresser to serve as a statement piece, consider a bureau, antique dresser or a high-end model.

High quality dressers will be made of solid wood rather than MDF or pressed wood. Hardwoods will hold up the best. These include hickory, oak, maple, birch and walnut.

Remember that dressers can be versatile pieces of furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. They can be used for clothes as well as other items. Some people choose to use them to house photo albums, fabric, tools, placemats or files.


Dressers can be very large. You may even be searching specifically for a large dresser if you have a lot of clothes you wish to store.

Before you start looking at different sized dressers, first take the measurements of your room. Get an idea of the space of the room you are working with.

This will allow you to buy a dresser that will look proportionate to the rest of the room. This also ensures that the dresser will fit.

Things to keep an eye out for:

  • Low ceilings
  • Floor space
  • Wall space

Although dressers are wide, they come in different sizes to fit smaller rooms. If you are limited in space, remember that there are ways to optimize that space while still being able to comfortably store everything:

  1. Use a trunk, bookshelf, TV stand, bedside chest or large open nightstand as a dresser.
  2. Hang clothing or use closet shelves instead.
  3. Place a tower of shelves in your closet. This will allow you to get twice the storage space in the same space.
  4. If you don’t have a closet, go for a garment rack or clothes organizer.
  5. Consider placing a mirror on top of your smaller dresser to save space by adding one furnishing onto the other.
  6. If you cannot fit a dresser into your room, look into futons or beds with storage units or drawers built into the frame. This is a great alternative for getting the most function out of your bed.
  7. Select a chest or a tallboy, which tend to be thinner.

Dressers come in all sizes—small, medium, large and everything in between. Finding your perfect size dresser is going to depend on your storage needs and the amount of space in your room.

Smaller dressers can have as few as three drawers or as a many as five. The drawers will be smaller and ultimately hold less, but you will still be able to easily fit them into your space.

In general, medium sized dressers are the most suitable for those sharing their space with another person. These usually have between five and seven drawers and are the standard size for most bedrooms.

Larger dressers can have eight to ten drawers. If you are sharing the dresser with someone who has a lot of clothing, this might be the best option.

Space & Location

Before you purchase a dresser, think about where you envision it going. Will your dresser comfortably fit in your room? Will you be able to move easily around it?

Most people place a dresser somewhere against a wall. This is an appropriate and convenient location for it. However, you can get creative with the placement.

You can place a low, wide dresser at the foot of your bed. You could use it for storage and extra seating this way.

Some people buy two smaller dressers and use them as nightstands. Others place them below a window for great views while getting ready for the day.

The options are endless, but knowing where you intend to the place the dresser before buying is key.

Since dressers can be large pieces of furniture, placing them far enough away from other furniture is important. This will allow you to move freely throughout the room.

In general, try to give at least three feet of space between your dresser and anything in front of it. This will give you enough space to pull out your drawers and sift through them even if someone needs to get by.


Aside from the size of the dresser alone, there is another important factor to consider: storage. We all understand the value of storage. Clothing is an item that easily adds up over time, so having adequate space for it all is very important.

Different sized dressers have different options for storage. If you do not require much, a small three drawer dresser should be more than enough room.

If you have a lot of things and want them organized specifically, look for a larger dresser with at least six drawers.

Make sure your drawers are deep enough, too. Depending on what you put in the drawers, your needs for drawer depth will vary. Thicker, larger clothing items like sweaters, jeans and hoodies will need deeper drawers.

Underwear and socks are smaller items so you can easily store a lot of them in a smaller drawer. Many dressers come with half drawers at the top to house these items.

If you are someone with a range of clothing items, perhaps a dresser with different sized drawers will be the best for you. This way you have an ideal place for each of your garments.


Dressers come in a variety of materials. The most popular material for dressers is wood, or a wood-composed substance such as particle board or MDF.

Other dressers you will find are made of metal or wicker. The materials of your dresser will impact the quality and durability of it. Wood, for example, will last you much longer than wicker. It will also be much stronger.

The material also affects the price of the dresser. A more costly material, such as wood, will result in a more expensive dresser.

Wood composites like MDF are a much more affordable alternative that still deliver the same look as wood.

Clothing—and a lot of it—will place a fair amount of weight on the dresser. The dresser you select should have the capacity to support and protect all of your items. Check the weight limit listed in the specs of the dresser.

Although it is more expensive, wood is much more durable than composite materials. Metal is also a durable material but is heavier. Both of these are less likely to break or change shape over time.

Legs & Handles

Aside from the material of the dresser itself, consider the type of legs and handles you want. The material of the hardware will impact your use of the dresser and the look of it.

The style of drawers will depend on your needs. In a child’s room, you might think about choosing a piece with soft-close drawer slides. This way, the doors won’t quickly close on the child’s hand.

Safety tip: If placing a dresser or chest in a child’s room, be sure to buy a kit that will fasten it to the wall to prevent it from tipping over.

Not all dressers have legs. However, legs offer some practical benefits. On a dresser, legs give a few extra inches which can be used for storage below. Be sure to place small cushions under each leg to protect the floor.

Legs, while they are great, also have their limits. They will determine where you can physically place the dresser in your room.

On the other hand, you can customize the look of your dresser by changing out the legs and the other hardware. This allows you to change the look of your room to match the season without needing to buy a whole new piece.

If you want the best quality dresser, look for one with “dovetail joints.” These lock each piece of wood together to create the strongest bond.


Before choose a dresser that is out of your price range, establish a clear budget prior to shopping. This way you are looking for stylish, functional pieces within your price limit.

Some dressers are as affordable as $200, whereas others can run you $20,000. Most quality dressers, though, will fall within the $500 to $1,500 range.

Man-made or pressed wood like MDF is best if you’re on a budget. You can find many dressers made of these materials for under $1,000. They won’t last you as long as solid wood but cost much less.

Dressers made of certain materials will cost you more. For example, softwood dressers made of pine or cedar are more affordable than hardwood dressers made of oak or walnut.

Of all materials, hardwood tends to be the most costly. However, along with metal, it will also last you the longest.

With all furniture, the better quality the material, the more expensive it is. Dressers are no exception. Similarly, larger dressers with more drawers tend to cost more. As you begin to go up in size and features, the price will grow too.

A dresser is a valuable piece of furniture that is storing some of your most treasured pieces. You should opt for something that is stylish and goes with the rest of your room.

But also be on the search for a dresser that will meet your personal needs for storage and space. Think about the placement of your dresser and how that could impact your space.

Finding the perfect dresser is not a direct, clear-cut process. You will want to shop around.

However, it does not have to be overwhelming. Consider function, style, and cost above anything else. The perfect dresser that will meet all your needs is out there waiting for you.

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