The 10 Best Bedroom Sets of 2023

Our top pick is the Williams Standard Bedroom Set.

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A bedroom set can make your bedroom look like a million bucks – even if it’s just a simple, modest set. Plus, it can save you time and money in the long run since you won’t have to hunt for pieces that go together.

But how do you choose? We’ve put together a guide and a list of the 10 best bedroom sets to help you find the perfect one for your home.


Williams Standard Bedroom Set

Best Overall / Seller
Make: Wood mix • Sizes: Full to Cali King • Pieces: 3 + 3 optional • Colors: 5

The best way to get a good night’s sleep is to have a comfortable bed and furniture that meets your needs. The Williams Bedroom Set is designed to do just that. With a nightstand, dresser, and bed, this set has everything you need to sleep like a baby.

The nightstand has two drawers for storage, and the dresser has seven. The bed has a headboard and footboard, and comes with a center leg and slats for extra support. The white color makes it the focal point and opens up any room but each piece is offered in four other finishes. There is also the option of a mirror and two chests to add to the set. The look, the options, a near perfect rating and over 16,000 reviews make this our top choice.

5 color choices
Highest rated on Wayfair
Dovetail joints
Be Mindful
500 lb weight cap
What Reviewers Said

The reviews explain that this set has a modern look and is easy to put together. The drawers are large with a soft close and the bed is of a high quality. Some of the customers said attaching the mirror to the dressing table was tricky.

Williams Standard Bedroom Set Best Overall / SELLER
4 other color options

Hadfield Platform Bedroom Set

Best with Shelves
Make: Wood mix • Sizes: Twin to King • Pieces: 3 + 4 optional • Colors: 5-12

The Hadfield Bedroom Set is perfect for those who want a stylish, modern bedroom set that is also highly functional. The bed is made with a sturdy frame and the headboard comes with shelves for all your books and favorite bedside items.

The set also includes a six drawer dresser, a nightstand, and a mirror, all of which are made with a mix of wood and dovetail joints. Plus, it comes in more color combos than any other set on our list. You can also add a mirror, chest or lingerie chest to the base pieces. Best of all, more than 15,000 people say it looks great and provides an amazing sleeping experience.

Lots of storage
5 to 12 colors based on piece
Includes tipover restraint
Be Mindful
No weight cap listed
What Reviewers Said

The bed is described in reviews as elegant. Customers were happy with the price and felt the value for the money was good. Users said the pieces complement each other nicely and many people loved the extra storage.

11 other color options
Make: Pine wood • Sizes: Twin to Queen • Pieces: 3 + 4 optional • Colors: 3

This Shaker 3-Piece Bedroom Set uses sustainable, non-toxic materials in all of its pieces so you can rest assured that your purchase is helping to protect the environment. In addition to its eco-friendly design, each piece in this set is made from solid wood, ensuring that it will stand the test of time. The nightstand, bed and chest are both a classic pine and there are options to add a matching armoire or dresser. With a wide range of styles to choose from and an amazing price, we think it’s the best value in our top 10.

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Made of solid wood
No box spring needed
3 color choices
Be Mindful
300 lb weight cap (twin)
500 lb weight cap (full, queen)
What Reviewers Said

Customers seemed happiest about the solid wood build. One said it created a sturdy bed that the mattress perfectly fit in. The products were described as being solid and easy to build. The reviews made it clear that this bed is good value for the money.

2 other color options
Make: Pine wood • Sizes: Twin to King • Pieces: 3 + 1 optional • Colors: 5

Looking for a solid wood bedroom set that you can mix and match to create your perfect bedroom? Look no further than this Montauk Set from Grain Wood. Made from high-quality solid pine wood, this bedroom set is built to last and can be customized to suit your needs. The set comes with a six-drawer dresser and a matching nightstand, but there is also the option of adding a chest. Plus, you can choose between black, walnut, off-white, driftwood or gray to easily match your décor. It’s really all up to you and your taste.

Made of solid wood
5 color choices
Easy setup
Be Mindful
90 day warranty
What Reviewers Said

Most reviews praised the quality of it above all, saying it was solid wood and sturdy. Several users said the bed was beautiful and loved the natural finish. Customers found setup was fairly easy but said to use a power drill instead of the Allen wrench that’s included.

4 other finishes
Make: Pine wood • Sizes: Queen, King • Pieces: 3 + 3 optional • Colors: 6

There’s something special about solid wood furniture. It has a natural beauty that can’t be replicated. The Wolferstorn Bedroom Set is the perfect example of that craftsmanship and timeless design. This set includes a bachelor’s chest, double dresser, and low profile bed frame with slats, all made from solid wood with a natural finish. A matching lingerie chest and single dresser are optional add-ons if you’re looking to completely furnish your space. The classic design of the set make it perfect for any bedroom, whether you have a rustic, farmhouse style or a more modern look.

Made of solid wood
6 color choices
Very easy setup
Be Mindful
450 lb weight cap (king)
No weight cap listed on queen
What Reviewers Said

Customers felt the frame of the bed was sturdy. The items were described as ‘attractive.’ The chest is rather tall. More than one customer said to secure it to the wall with the included restraint to prevent tipping. Many reviews noted there was very little assembly needed.

5 other color options
Make: Pine wood • Sizes: Queen • Pieces: 3 + 2 optional • Colors: 2 – 3

We love simple, clean designs that can be adapted to any space. This shaker bedroom set was chosen with that philosophy in mind. The platform bed can be configured to fit any room, and the timeless design will complement any style. The bedroom set includes three pieces – a bed, nightstand, dresser and chest – all made from solid wood. With two other matching pieces to choose from, you can mix and match to create the perfect bedroom set for your home. The best part? The set is eco-friendly, has soft close drawers and you won’t need a box spring.

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Made of solid wood
No box spring needed
Easy setup
Be Mindful
Only comes in queen
500 lb weight cap
90 day warranty
What Reviewers Said

Reviewers felt the wood was strong and high quality and the set was fairly easy to set up. The drawers pull out about three-quarters of the way but far enough to get everything in. Even so, they were described by some users as spacious.

Also in espresso

Birch Lane Bushwick Bedroom Set

Best Farmhouse / Rustic
Make: Pine wood • Sizes: Full to King • Pieces: 3 + 1 optional • Colors: 3 – 4

The Isamar is a classic bedroom set that comes with everything you need to furnish your bedroom in style – a platform bed, nightstand and dresser. And like all but three of the bedroom sets listed here, you can add or remove any of the pieces to fit your space and your taste. A matching chest is also an option with this set. All of the pieces are made from solid wood and offered in three or four colors each. The metal handles of the nightstand and the steel wrapped feet just add to the rustic feel.

Made of solid wood
4 color choices
Easy setup
Be Mindful
One year warranty
No weight cap listed
What Reviewers Said

Customers found this bedroom set easy to set up. The bed is made from pine and customers feel it was a good price for the quality they received. The set looks good together and many people described it as beautiful.

Birch Lane Bushwick Bedroom Set best farmhouse / rustic
3 other finishes
Make: Wood • Sizes: Twin to King • Pieces: 4 • Colors: 2

The Laster 4-Piece Bedroom Set is a stylish addition to any bedroom. The set includes a bed, dresser, nightstand and a dressser / mirror. All of the pieces are made of solid wood and have a beautiful natural white or black finish. The bed has a clean and modern design with a low profile frame and headboard. And the mirror has a simple and elegant design that complements the other pieces in the set. This set is a great way to update the look of your bedroom. The only bedroom set on our list that comes with four pieces, this is the best value we’ve found.

Made of solid wood
2 color choices
Easy setup
Be Mindful
No weight cap listed
Needs box spring
What Reviewers Said

Customers were very happy with the quality and thickness of the wood. Users said the bed is solid and doesn’t move or make noise when in use. One review noted that the color of the white model is more of an off white.

Make: Solid wood • Sizes: Queen to Cali King • Pieces: 3 • Colors: 2

The Magness is a luxurious, high-quality bedroom set that will make you feel like a king or queen. With its beautiful design and comfortable construction, this bedroom set is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a good night’s sleep in style. The bed comes with a white high headboard and footboard and works with any queen, king or Cali king size mattress. The nightstand and 11-drawer dresser are made of solid wood and the latter can be finished in buttermilk or black.

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Made of solid wood
2 color choices
2 cabinet doors
Be Mindful
No warranty listed
No weight cap listed
What Reviewers Said

Customers thought the bed was high quality and easy to put together. Many of the reviews said that the pieces were well made. The white was said to actually be more of a cream color. Several customers were pleased with the soft close drawers. One mentioned that the top drawer is felt lined, which was ideal for storing jewelry.


Mcinerney Bedroom Set

Best Upholstered
Make: Wood mix, faux leather • Sizes: Queen, King • Pieces: 3 • Colors: 2

Creating a home that reflects your personal style is important. That’s why we’ve added this gorgeous bedroom set to our list. It’s made from faux leather with a wood veneer and features a large, tufted headboard that adds a feeling of luxury. It comes complete with a bed, two-drawer nightstand and a five drawer chest. The bed can support up to 700 lbs and each of the pieces comes in two color options, giving you eight combos to choose from. So whether you’re looking for a classic design or something more modern, this bedroom set allows you to create the bedroom of your dreams.

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Bed made of solid wood
700 lb weight cap
2 color choices
Be Mindful
Only comes in queen or king
What Reviewers Said

The reviews describe this product as sleek, unique and modern. The drawers are roomy and smooth, which some users liked for delicate clothing. Many said the bed is sturdy and liked the unique look of it. A few users said that the white headboard is actually off-white. None of the pieces in the set need any setup.

If any items say out of stock, try clicking on a different color. If that doesn’t work, please leave us a message and we will replace it in our list.

Bedroom Set Buying GuideHow to Choose the Perfect One

A bedroom is a great space to showcase your personal style. You can choose to match the bedroom’s style to the rest of your home or make it stand out.

Regardless, it is important to create a space that is comfortable, as you will be spending a third of your life in there!

Furnishing an empty bedroom can feel like an overwhelming project. Fortunately, a solution exists: bedroom sets. Bedroom sets come in a wide variety of choices, ranging from their color, cost, style, size, and material.

Bedroom sets give you the benefit of convenience, as they are coordinated and thought out in their design. They’re a simple and affordable way to completely furnish a room in one shot.

Sets are especially great if you don’t feel like styling a room piece-by-piece. If you want to get more creative, bedroom set pieces can be mixed and matched.

Additionally, bedroom sets only require simple assembly. A bedroom set can be a great investment to be enjoyed for years if it’s one of high quality.

This guide will give you the options for bedroom sets and help you to pick the perfect one.

Size & Spacing

The most basic bedroom sets come with a simple bed and a nightstand. These types of sets are known as a two-piece. Two-piece sets are an excellent choice for decorating a small space or guest bedroom.

Three-piece bedroom sets include the two basic staples and a dresser. A four-piece set includes a mirror while a five-piece set has an added chest.

However, more elaborate bedroom sets come with a bed, a dresser, a chest, a mirror, a nightstand, and an armoire. Known as a six-piece set, these sets contain enough pieces to furnish a master bedroom.

As the number of pieces increases, so does the ability to customize your set. For example, you can choose to swap out an armoire for a vanity or a bench.

Another option is a dresser set. This set only comes with a dresser and a nightstand. A dresser set is an optimal choice if you already have a bed.

Check the measurements of the room. Knowing the height and width of door frames, windows and floor space ensures that the bedroom set will fit properly.

This can be helpful since it allows for you to visualize how the bedroom set will look in your room.

Bed Sizes

One piece of furniture that is specific to the size of the room is the bed. If you’re searching for a bed to place in a smaller room, consider getting a twin or a twin XL.

These beds will still comfortably sleep one person. Smaller beds like these will maximize the space of the room.

If the room is of much larger size, you might consider a queen or a king size bed. Bedroom sets come in all bed sizes, such as twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.


Choosing the right size and type of bed is for your needs is simple. First, consider the pieces of the bed and the space that it will take up in your room.

In general, beds are made up of a headboard, a footboard, a frame (base), and a mattress. These pieces are standard although there are exceptions.

Buying a new mattress is not completely necessary, but it is something to consider. A new bed would be much more exciting with a new comfy mattress to go along with it.

Types of Beds

Before purchasing a bed, think about the style of bed you want. There are many unique types on the market. Some popular styles of beds include:

  • Four poster
  • Canopy
  • Sleigh
  • Panel
  • Adjustable
  • Futon
  • Platform
  • Daybed
  • Loft bed

These beds all offer unique features. Choose a bed based on your style. If you are unsure of what kind of bed you are looking for, some of the best options are described below:

Four Poster Bed

Four poster beds are a classic, simple bed design. They contain a total of four posts. Each of these posts is on a different corner and all are equal in height.

Four poster beds do not typically include any sort of curtain or drape.

Canopy Bed

A canopy bed is similar to a four poster bed but with a cover overtop. This cover creates the canopy feel, which is where the bed gets its name.

The most important thing to think about before getting a canopy bed is the height of the bed. When the bed is in the room there should be at least five inches of space between the posts and the ceiling, if possible. You also want to make sure that your fan has room to spin.

Sleigh Bed

A sleigh bed is a bed in which the headboard and footboard both curl outward. This outward effect makes the bed look like a sleigh.

In the past sleigh beds had more extreme curls. Today the effect is more subtle with often just a slight curve on the headboard, footboard or both.

Sleigh beds are usually made from wood and can be tufted as well. Some even come with under storage built right into the frame.

Panel Bed

A panel bed is a simply designed bed. These beds come with a base, headboard, footboard and panels on each side. This is where the style gets its name.

The panels keep your box spring or mattress steady – more so than many other models.

Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds can be adjusted up or down with a remote control or button. These are a great option for those who want to customize their sleep positions.

They’re also popular for those with problems getting out of bed because of pain or age.


Introduced within the last few decades, futons are now a staple in a guest or living room. Their dual functions make them comfy and practical pieces of furniture.

Futons are much more stylish than other portable beds and can still be used when not being slept in.

You can even add accent pillows and blankets to a futon to create a more elevated and stylish piece.

Platform Bed

Platform beds are another style of bed, and this type does not use a box spring. Instead, the bed is lifted up onto a platform or frame.

This is a much more affordable option for a bed since you can get by with just the mattress.

These beds are often lower to the ground and take up less room since they don’t come with headboards, either.


Daybeds are stylish additions to any room since they look like a combo between a bed and a sofa.

The frame of the daybed usually comes up around two or three sides of the bed, much like the backrest and arms of a couch, only higher.

Simply decorate with pillows and cushions during the day and remove them at night to reveal a twin size bed.


Many daybeds also feature a ‘trundle,’ an extra bed hidden below that can be pulled out to sleep one more person.

Trundles are great choices if you need to save a little bit of space or if you have kids in your house who share a bedroom.

Trundle beds sit on a simple metal frame that has wheels and a lever to collapse the frame.

Once the frame is lowered all the way, you can then roll the trundle bed under the daybed, storing it out of the way until it is time for bed.

These are great choices if you have someone who sleeps in the living room or as extra sleeping space for any guests.

Loft Bed

Loft beds are great space savers and seem like a lot of fun for any kid who likes to make blanket forts.

These beds are raised on a platform and allow space underneath the platform for whatever you would like to put under there.

Some loft beds come with desks built-in underneath so that you or your child can hop right out of bed and get to work.

Other loft beds come with extra storage options like drawers or bookcases. If you buy an air mattress or a foldable mattress, you can lay this under your trundle bed and you now have extra sleeping space for a sleepover or a sibling camp out!

Dressers & Chests


Aside from the bed, dressers are the most important piece in a room. Storage is important when furnishing a room, since many of us have an abundance of clothes.

A good rule of thumb when shopping for a dresser is to select one with more drawers, rather than fewer.

Clothes take up a decent amount of room, and certain items like sweaters and pants can fill up a dresser quickly.

Drawer & Door Dressers

When shopping for a bedroom set, keep in mind that there are many types of dressers and chests.

Two distinct styles are door dressers and drawer dressers. Drawer dressers are the standard type you think of when you hear dresser.

Door dressers, on the other hand, look like a typical dresser but with a door in the center. The door opens to reveal shelves or little drawers that can be used to store smaller items.

In general, door dressers are often slightly bigger than drawer dressers.

To determine the right dresser for you, consider the size and number of drawers you need.

Buy a larger dresser with more space if your need more room to store your things. Having larger drawers with more space will prevent clothing from becoming wrinkled, as well.


Chests are another useful option for extra storage. Chests are similar to dressers.

The difference between chests and dressers is that chests tend to be taller than they are wider. Chests have thinner frames with multiple drawers that can be used to store clothing and other items.

Chests are also wonderful options for furnishing smaller spaces because they take up more vertical space.

Generally, most chests are made of wood. They offer drawer storage and a space on top.

Drawer & Door Chests

A drawer chest, or drawer dresser, on the other hand, is much smaller and only has drawers.

If you are seeking drawers only and want something a bit smaller this may be a good choice for you.

Door chests look just like regular chests but have a built-in cabinet with shelves inside. Some of these cabinets are tall enough to hang clothes in.

The combo of drawers, shelves and hanger space make this ideal for rooms without a closet.

Some door chests even have customizable shelves. This way, you can adjust the shelves to fit your personal items.

Door chests are similar to an armoire, and some manufacturers use the terms to mean one and the same. However, a door chest is a bit smaller than an armoire.

Storage Chests

Storage chests kind of look like treasure chests, and are a great option for storing blankets or seasonal clothing.

You might even want to consider a cedar chest, which will help prevent pests from getting into your stored goods.

Tallboys & Lowboys

A tallboy is a set of drawers that has two or more sections. The lower section has bigger drawers and tends to jut out slightly from the chest.

To compare, a lowboy looks like one of the sections of a tallboy was cut off and replaced with legs.

Lingerie Chests

A lingerie chest is generally used to store underwear. It is narrow and usually takes up less room.

They can also include a hidden cubby hole or ‘wings’ that pull out to store jewelry or makeup.


An armoire is a very large piece of furniture that looks like a mix between a dresser and a small closet.

They are classic pieces that were once used to store clothing and delicate linens. Traditionally, armoires were supplements to closets.

Armoires are still a smart addition to a bedroom, regardless of whether or not the room has a closet.

Although they are beautiful, armoires can take up a fair amount of room. If you are limited to space in a small room, consider buying a dresser over an armoire.

Jewelry Armoire

If your accessory collection is too big for that, a jewelry armoire is a smaller and much more compact option.

Jewelry armoires are a unique way to store fine jewelry and other small items. They’re a great option for hanging jewelry because of tall and thin frame.

Nightstands, Mirrors & Accent Pieces


A smaller option for easily accessible storage and space is a nightstand. Nightstands are small tables at either head of the bed.

Generally, nightstands are the same height as the bed. These small tables are a great place to put a light, phone, alarm clock, some books, magazines, and any other objects you wish to have nearby. This makes for easy reaching during any point of the night.

If you need more space within arms’ reach, consider getting a wider nightstand. Nightstands are versatile since they come in a variety of sizes and styles. They also come with unique drawer and shelf options.

In addition to all the classic furniture staples, there is also bedroom accent furniture. These are not necessities, but as their name suggests, accents. These pieces are often included in larger sets.

Accents include mirrors, blanket racks and benches (storage ottomans). Accent furniture can really tie a room together.


Mirrors can be a wonderful accent piece and are a great way to show off your style. Mirrors come in a variety of styles with different features.

Some are mounted to the wall. Other types can be turned and rotated. Some mirrors are propped on a stand. Different sized mirrors offer a different perspective and view.

There are five main types:

  • Full length
  • Single
  • Tri-fold
  • Cheval (dressing mirror)
  • Vanity

These all function the same but there is variety in their look, size and style.

Full Length Mirror

A full length mirror of course gives you a head-to-toe look at yourself. Full-length mirrors can also make small spaces feel larger and brighter.

Plus, with the right frame and style, a full-length mirror can be a chic addition to your décor.

Single Mirror

If you enjoy spending time getting ready, consider a single mirror. A single mirror can be mounted onto the dresser or a wall above it.

Some dressers come with mirrors attached, but if yours does not, this is an easy way to get the same effect.

In general, you should aim to find a mirror that is within the proportions of your dresser. Anything too big or too small may throw off the look of the room.

To make sure you achieve this, you’ll want to measure the dresser ahead of time.

Tri-Fold Mirror

Tri-fold mirrors have three panels, two of which can be adjusted. The main section of the three is the largest, and the two offset mirrors are narrower.

Tri-fold mirrors can be easily secured to the back of a dresser, allowing you to see all angles.


Cheval mirrors are stand-alone mirrors that hang inside a vertical frame. Cheval mirrors are sometimes called dressing mirrors because they allow you to get a full shot of yourself.

Essentially, these mirrors appear to be swinging within the frame. The swinging effects of the mirror allow you to easily position it in different ways.

Additionally, the hanging effect of the mirror makes it easy to look at your full length reflection.

Smaller versions of cheval mirrors are available, too. Usually these small versions sit on top of a bureau, dresser or a bathroom sink.


Vanities are a wonderful space that can be used to organize personal items and get ready for the day.

They feature a large mirror sometimes lined with lights for putting on makeup or doing hair.

Accent Pieces

Blanket racks can be used to organize your linens, blankets and even scarves and towels. These look a little like drying racks for clothes. They’re great for keeping fabric smelling fresh.

Benches or storage ottomans are a great place for shoes to rest. Benches can also be placed for extra seating around the room.

Plus, they can be used to store bulky items like sweaters, blankets, quilts and linens.


While you are considering all the furnishings, you’ll also need to decide what material you want the bedroom set to be. In general, the material of the bedroom set determines the price and the durability of the furniture.

If you are looking to furnish a room that you intend to use for many years, you may want to invest in a more expensive bedroom set. The old adage “You get what you pay for” is certainly true here.

Bedroom sets come in a range of materials, such as wood, MDF and metal, to name a few.


Of all the materials, solid wood tends to be the strongest and most durable. Solid wood is also easily carved. Wood can be shaped into many designs and engraved with detail.

However, since solid wood offers many great features and long protection, it can also be among the more costly materials.

Pine, oak, maple, and birch wood are among the most popular choices. Wood is also a versatile material because regardless of the type, it can be stained in many shades and colors.

Solid wood is typically very simple to clean and maintain. Because of all the practical benefits of wood, it is a worthwhile investment. A strong, solid wood bedroom set can be used for years.

Engineered Wood

If you are looking for a more affordable option for your bedroom furniture, you may want to consider an engineered wood. These include MDF, particle board and plywood that are made from wood chips and fibers.

These are a cheaper alternative to solid wood furniture, but it is still very durable. These are a great option if you are looking for something that is budget-friendly and still looks great.

It is important to note that these man-made woods are not as strong as solid wood furniture, so it is not ideal for high traffic areas.


Metal bedroom sets have many of the same advantages of wood. First, they’re very durable and will last you for years.

Second, they’re easy to care for – just a quick wipe down with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep them looking like new.

And lastly, they have a modern look that can really help to update the style of your bedroom.


Before you begin the shopping process, think about your spending limits. While bedroom sets are an affordable way to furnish an entire room, it is important you are getting the pieces you need within your price range. There are many options within a range of styles.

To start, take a look at your existing bedroom furniture and measure your bed, dresser, and nightstand. Then, start browsing for sets that fit your budget and your space.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to one style, brand or finish. Mixing and matching pieces can give your bedroom a unique look that’s all your own.

Furnishing an entire bedroom, or even part of one, can feel like an overwhelming task.

Buying a bedroom set is a simple, cost-effective option when it comes to decorating. Bedroom sets are a great way to add character and cohesion to a space that is unique and personal to you.

A few things to keep in the forefront of your mind while shopping are your personal budget, the size of the room, the number of pieces you need in the set, the material, and the style.

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