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Whether you’re an experienced mixologist or you’re just getting started, having a bar cabinet is essential. With so many different models, though, it can be tough to know where to start. Our handy list will help you choose the perfect one, so you can create delicious cocktails at home any time. Here are the 10 best bar cabinets.

Make: Alloy steel • Size: ~39 x 36 x 18″ • Weight: 63 lbs • Colors: 4 options

Keep your wine collection safe and sound with this stylish storage bar. The Walker Edison rolling bar cabinet is made with a tough alloy steel frame. The cabinet features two doors with mesh inserts, allowing you to see your wine or liquor collection at a glance.

The bar cabinet also has two shelves, providing plenty of room for wine bottles, glasses, and other bar needs. The piece is mounted on locking caster wheels, making it easy for tipsy guests to support themselves as well as move from room to room. This is the perfect cabinet if you’re looking to make space after the party’s over. It comes in four sizes as well as four colors.

4 color options
4 sizes to choose from
Comes with wheels
Be Mindful
30 day warranty
What Reviewers Said

The sturdiness and value for the money were rated most highly. Other highlights were the attractiveness of the design, and how easy it was to set up. A lot of reviewers said the unit elevated the look of their house.

Also comes in 30, 48 and 60 inch sizes

Haakenson Bar with Wine Storage

Best Seller / Corner Bar
Make: Wood mix, glass • Size: ~73 x 32 x 24″ • Weight: 102 lbs • Colors: 8

If you’re looking for a liquor cabinet that’s both stylish and space-saving, consider a corner bar cabinet. With its tall design, this cabinet is perfect for tight spaces or unused corners. The glass countertop and mirrored walls create an elegant look that’s perfect for organizing.

Plus, the five built-in wine cubby holes mean you can keep all your favorite bottles close at hand. If it’s storage space you need, this corner bar is the one for you. It’s the best selling model on our list and perfect for anyone who loves to entertain friends and family.

Space saving
Tons of storage
Easy to match – 8 color choices
Be Mindful
Setup takes 2-3 hours
What Reviewers Said

Comments on the easy setup were almost universal. The huge amount of storage was also mentioned a lot. People loved the design and quality with many users saying they had received compliments.

7 other color choices
Make: MDF, steel, laminate • Size: 36 x 34 x 16″ • Weight: 82 lbs • Colors: 4

The Orion Bar Cabinet is a beautiful, functional piece of furniture that brings the retro feel of a wine bar to your home. The design of the cabinet will add a touch of class to any room, and is sure to be a conversation starter at any party.

The cabinet is made of sturdy engineered wood with a rich finish and features two doors that open to reveal plenty of storage for your liquor collection. The cabinet also includes an 8 bottle wine rack, 12 metal stemware holders, and space for all of your drink mixing tools. It’s the perfect addition to a mid-century modern room.

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Sturdy steel base
Plenty of shelves
Retro vibe
Be Mindful
90 day warranty
What Reviewers Said

Setup was easy for most. Most like the color and style saying it looks just like the photo in person. Some thought it looked like MDF, yet most were impressed by the finish. A lot people mention that it had plenty of storage space for glasses and bottles.

Also in dark walnut, rustic oak or slate gray
Make: Wood, plastic • Size: ~38 x 24 x 24″ • Weight: 12 lbs • Colors: 2

This cabinet is the most unique one on our list. This beautiful piece is made of solid wood and is designed to last a lifetime. With its elegant Italian design, the cabinet is sure to make a statement in any home.

But it’s not just about looks – this bar stand is also highly functional, with wheels that make it easy to move around and plenty of storage space for all your wine and liquor bottles. There are also 14 and 16 inch models in case you need something smaller. Whether you’re looking for a showpiece for your home or a practical solution for your wine storage needs, the Goplus wood globe wine bar stand is just what you need.

Easy to set up
14″ and 16″ models as well
Super creative design
Be Mindful
Less storage than other bars
What Reviewers Said

A few users bought this wine stand as a gift. One user appreciated its style without costing as much as a genuine antique. Some reviews state that bottles need to be short enough for the top to close, but most kept the globe open for looks and easy access.

Also in creamy white
Make: MDF • Size: ~36 x 43 x 16″ • Weight: 79 lbs • Color: Espresso brown

This bar cabinet boasts a 4.7 rating from over 1,000 reviews. With room for up to 12 bottles of wine, it’s perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet night at home.

The slots allow you to display your wine collection in style, and the two doors provide ample storage for barware and other accessories. The open shelf is perfect for mixing and serving drinks, and the top is ideal for hanging glassware. The wheels make the cabinet easy to move out for parties and just as simple to store away when not being used.

Comes with wheels
Lots of storage space
Top doubles as a server
Be Mindful
90 day warranty
What Reviewers Said

The majority of reviews said the bar cabinet was easy to build. The average assembly time was about two hours, and some said it needed two people to set it up. A lot of people said the bar was beautiful, sturdy, and perfectly sized. Reviewers liked the mobility.

Make: Manufactured wood • Size: ~36 x 32 x 16″ • Weight: 73 lbs • Colors: 3

Having a bar in your home is a luxurious experience. It’s a place where you can entertain guests, enjoy a nice glass of wine, or simply relax after a long day. For those who are tight on space, we recommend the Hartwick Glass Door Bar. This beautiful piece is perfect for any home, and it’s sure to make your bar-crawling friends envious.

The bar features a sliding glass door that opens to reveal an elegant liquor cabinet with plenty of storage for all your wine bottles and glasses. It features stemware racks and shelves that can be rearranged to fit your collection. The design is perfect for nearly any room, and the cabinet comes in one of three colors: gray, dark brown and white.

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Space saving
Adjustable shelves
Easy setup
Be Mindful
Less storage than others
What Reviewers Said

Most said the wine cabinet was sturdy, but one user said the sliding door could be a little stronger. Most said it was easy to put together, but a couple described it as time-consuming. The majority said it fit the room well.

Also in brown or white
Make: MDF, metal • Size: ~30 x 47 x 13″ • Weight: 66 lbs • Color: Vintage oak

This bar cabinet is the perfect way to store your wine and other alcohol while keeping it within easy reach. The sleek and stylish design is perfect for any home, and the mesh doors allow you to see your collection while keeping it secure.

The cabinet includes a wine rack that can hold up to 15 bottles, and the shelves can each hold up to 110 pounds. There is also plenty of room for glasses and liquor bottles. The second best part: it doubles as a coffee bar or sideboard with space for a lamp, pictures and plants.

Top supports up to 330 lbs
Great customer service
Easy setup
Be Mindful
Only 30 inches high
What Reviewers Said

The main positive mentions were the clear instructions, sturdiness, and the impressive quality for the price. Many liked the layout and most said it had plenty of space to hold drinks and glasses.

Make: Metal, glass • Size: ~42 x 47 x 23″ • Weight: ~30 lbs • Colors: Black

This bar cabinet is as classic, simple and easy on the wallet. It gives you the ability to show off your liquor stash or grab a quick drink. Some people even add LED lights to the shelves to make their bottles glow. The curved, chrome and glass design makes it look like you paid a lot more than you did and it fits and blends well with pretty much any space.

You can’t go wrong with 800+ positive reviews and a near perfect rating. If you’re looking for something affordable that looks great and makes it easy to pour a glass, this is the bar cabinet for you.

Easy access
Low price
Very simple setup
Be Mindful
No doors
Not best if you have kids
What Reviewers Said

The bar cabinet was described as elegant, sturdy, and easy to set up. Some testers noted the glass could be fragile so not the best if you pets or children. A few users with photos in their reviews had added lights to create a glow on and around the bar.

Make: MDF, glass • Size: ~41 x 39 x 16″ • Weight: 62 lbs • Colors: 3

When you’re working with limited space or want to create the image of more, it’s important to make the most of every inch. The Eveleth Bar cabinet is a smooth, compact unit that’s perfect for small apartments and homes.

The open shelves provide storage for glasses, bottles, and bar accessories and make it easy to grab what you need. The top can be used to mix up your favorite drinks and the wine storage keeps your favorite bottles within reach.

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Easy access to bottles and glasses
Space saving design
Very simple setup
Be Mindful
No doors
Not best if you have kids
What Reviewers Said

Most people described this bar cabinet as good value for the money, excellent for small spaces, and good quality material. Many satisfied users stated that it’s the addition that their space needed. The sturdiness of the unit was also mentioned often.

Make: Manuf. wood, acrylic • Size: ~41 x 51 x 20″ • Weight: 67 lbs • Colors: 2

The Chichica Bar with Wine Storage is ideal for a modern style home. The sleek lines and chrome finish are perfect for classy decor, and the stemware rack and shelves provide lots of storage for all your bar needs. The foot rail is the perfect finishing touch, providing a place for guests to rest their feet while enjoying a cocktail.

The bar is a little tough to assemble, but once you do, it’s the perfect way to keep your collection organized, while still showing it off in style. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Elegant look
Foot rail for guests
One year warranty
Be Mindful
Tricky to set up
What Reviewers Said

Many reviews comment on the look and how often it has been complimented by others. Some users found assembly to be tricky while a few people said to be careful around the acrylic. Most loved the the foot rail and the see-through front.

Bar Cabinet Buying GuideHow to Choose the Perfect One

Somewhere to hold all of your bottles and mixes is a smart idea whether you love to throw parties or just have the casual drink.

Bar (liquor) cabinets also prevent you from having to serve drinks all night. You can simply show your guests the cabinet and let them serve themselves. This leaves plenty of free time for you to talk to guests and enjoy your party.

For those who like to have a nightly drink just to relax, a bar cabinet keeps you from having to go to multiple drawers, shelves and cabinets to get the things you need to make your drink. Everything is in one place. Many also come with locks to keep kids and teens out.

In addition to holding liquor and wine, a bar cabinet can be an excellent way to impress your visitors.

Besides showing off your liquor and wine collection, a home bar cabinet also provides functional features. And you can easily bring a touch of style to your home by choosing the right design.

There are a handful of essential elements in choosing the best bar cabinet for your home. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these categories.

Types of Bar Cabinets

There are different types of liquor cabinets available on the market. Depending on your needs, you can choose between open bar, closed bar, or wet bars.

Open Bar Cabinets & Bar Carts

Does your home have an area for entertaining guests? An open-style bar cabinet might be the best choice for you.

Open bar cabinets project a welcoming aura. This allows your guests to help themselves to a drink whenever they want.

Placing an open bar cabinet in your dining area is also a great solution for those who want to showcase their collections. Whether it’s wine, liquor, glassware, or even cocktail napkins, an open bar makes everything easy to reach.

If you’re looking for a bar with plenty of storage and you have the room for it, we would suggest going for an open-style bar cabinet. The most common types are folding bars and bar stands.

Folding Bar

These space savers can turn into a full-sized bar in a matter of seconds. Folding bars allow you to get ready for guests even as they’re rolling in the door. Plus, they bring that party vibe to life at home.

Folding bars are also great if you’re hiring someone to serve. Once you’re done, you can just tuck it away in a closet or behind some furniture.

Bar Stand

Bar stands are often smaller than a cabinet but quite a bit more stylish. They hold just a handful of bottles of wine and liquor. That makes them great for homes that are light on space. Many have wheels and unique designs.

Closed Bar Cabinets

Contained or closed bar cabinets are perfect for homes with limited space. A fully enclosed bar cabinet keeps drinks out of sight and is ideal for those who like to mix up drinks frequently.

Those who have children will especially like them. They can keep their liquor locked and safe.

When in use, they allow you and your guests to access glasses, drinks, and other utensils located within. A contained bar cabinet can also be used as an extra table surface for your guests.

Closed bar cabinets can double as pieces of furniture, as well. When not in use, a contained bar cabinet can be the focal point of the room. You can add to it by showcasing your books, antiques, lamps and other items.

Those who are concerned with their bar’s mobility can even get a version with wheels. This type is the best option for small apartments and other rooms that are tight on space.

The most popular contained style cabinets are corner bars, Hide-a-Bars and Wrap Around bar cabinets.

Corner Bar

Does your home have a room with an unused corner? A corner bar might be the right option for you.

In addition to helping you save room, a corner bar can be a great way to improve the look of your home. They can be incorporated with nearly any design.

A corner bar makes your wine or liquor collection pop out. They’re much more pleasing to the eye and quite a bit more useful than a standard wine rack.


For those who are after a more subtle way to store their drinks, the Hide-A-Bar is a smart choice. Hide-A-Bars have built-in racks for wine and liquor storage.

These bars look just like any other regular furniture item. You can get one that looks like a dresser or just a plain old cabinet. You can even put pictures and other items on top so it looks like an accent piece.

Once the party is over, they just blend in to the rest of the room. If you aren’t drinking on a regular basis, a Hide-A-Bar is a great choice.

Wrap Around Bars

These are large bar setups for those with extra space. A Wrap Around Bar is designed to be the central point of your entertainment area.

Equipped with several shelves, these bars often have wine racks, glass holders, drawers and cabinets and even space for an ice maker. These are perfect for those looking to create a genuine wine club or cocktail party look.

Wet Bar Cabinets

Open and contained bar cabinets are considered dry bars. The other option is a wet bar.

A wet bar includes a sink with running water. This means that the bar cabinet requires a water connection, and can’t be moved once it’s in place. Who could benefit from this type of bar?

A wet bar is an excellent option for those with a lot of extra space. You can place it in an unused corner of your basement, dining room or man cave. It’s like having a real bar in your house.

There are some great benefits to this type of bar. Wet bars allow you to serve more drinks. You can quickly clean used glasses and reuse them. But of course, these can be quite pricey to build. They can run from $500 for a DIY job to $20,000 for professional installation.

Bar Cabinet Styles

Once you’ve decided on function, browse each liquor cabinet to see which style catches your eye.

A home bar is not only a place to gather your friends around. It’s also an expression of your style. A stylish cabinet will make your parties a more enjoyable experience.

If your home is contemporary, you may want to opt for a traditional cabinet, while modern-style cabinets are ideal for more urban spaces. It is important to choose a style that blends well with the theme of your home.

The color of your bar cabinet should go well with your home décor and add character to your space. Neutral colors fit well with almost any home design.

A bar cabinet can also be an excellent accent piece. This is where wood, white or black bars come into play. These colors can agree with almost any room.

The finish, shape, and overall style of the bar cabinet should always add to the room it is going to be placed in.


After seeing what types of bars are out there, you’ll want to decide where to place it. You want it in a location that’s easy to reach, but that also works with your space. There are a few things that can help you make the right decision.

The size of the room where the bar is being placed is the main concern. The design of the furniture in the room will also have an impact on your final choice.

Scan the room you plan to put the cabinet in to see where it would fit. Check the dimensions of the cabinet you’re considering and measure the space you have.

You’ll want to leave at least two feet in front or around for walking space. Ensure that the cabinet will fit.

You may have more space than you think for some models. Remember that a tall corner bar can take an unused corner with less foot traffic than the rest of the room.

Once you’ve found the right location, it’s time to think about the features you want, such as shelves, drawers and racks.


Any home bar variety offered on the market comes with a different set of features.
Before choosing one, determine how much you want to store or display. It is important to have enough shelves and compartments to keep your wine and spirits.

Many bar cabinets have glassware racks, bottle holders and locks. Only get a bar with these features if you plan on using them regularly.

As with the other items on this list, storage should be tailored to your needs. Choosing a cabinet that has enough space to store all your items will make serving drinks much easier.

Always check that the bar you’re planning on buying has the space to fit all of your accessories as well. This includes bottles, glasses, trays, an ice maker, bottle openers, shakers, coasters, stirrers, lemon / lime squeezers and napkins.

Another tip is to make sure that your bar cabinet has a hard surface on top. This surface can be used to mix drinks so that you won’t have to move to another spot to put them all together.

Once you’ve decided on location, features and storage for your new bar, it’s time to look at materials.


The final thing to consider is the quality of the bar you’re getting. Even though it’s listed last, it should be one of your main concerns when buying a bar cabinet. Here are just some of the options to consider when it comes to the build of your next bar.


The best material for an indoor bar cabinet is wood. Wood is durable and easy on the eyes. Bar cabinets made from wood can also be refinished multiple times.

Engineered wood, such as MDF or plywood, is another option. These aren’t as strong and won’t last as long as solid wood, but they’re less costly. This is a good option if you’re on a budget and plan to use the bar lightly.


Metal is another good option. Many bar carts feature a metal build. Bar cabinets will often come with metal shelves, doors or legs.


Glass bars are another commonly offered option. These are best if you want something classier. The price tag on a glass bar might be lower than wood or marble. You just have to be careful to avoid cracks. This is probably best for couples or families without kids.


Marble is another material to consider. If your bar is located outdoors, this is a great choice. It’s more expensive than wood, but it lasts longer and is easy to clean and maintain.

After getting familiar with the types of bars out there and the methods you can apply to choosing one, all that’s left to do is make the purchase. We hope that your new bar will serve you and your friends well.

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